My Sephora 2023 sale beauty favorites : shop these deals

Sephora Sale 2023 Beauty Favorites 

Sephora Sale beauty 2023
Jouer Cosmic - Clean Beauty at Sephora 

Why is sephora so popular

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It can be hard to determine what to buy from the Sephora sale. This is the best time to try something new or replenish what you already use frequently. I have curated a long list of products that I have been using for a while, just started using or what I would like to purchase. As a beauty creator, I am able to try so many different brands that I excited to share with you. Let me know if you need specific recommendations.

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What is the date for the Sephora Sales event?

There are different tiers for the Sale event based on how much you spend. The higher tier gets bigger rewards.
  • Rouge - 4/14 - 4/24   20%
  • VIB - 4/18-4/24   15%
  • Insider - 4/18-4/24 10%
Use code SAVENOW at checkout to save. It’s not too late to sign up for Insider to start saving 4/18!

How many sales does Sephora have a year?

Sephora usually has their sale about three times a year: Spring, Summer and Fall. I plan my list to buy accordingly

This post is very extensive that I wanted to share with you a treat - recipe of something delicious that I found recently on TikTok - Brownie Cheesecake. First, bake the brownies as directed. Next, mix these ingredients in a bowl: cream cheese, sugar and vanilla - then placed it on top of the brownies.  I baked it in the oven for 15 minutes. I melted some chocolate and spread it on the top. I put it in the fridge for a couple of hours before enjoying.

Sephora Makeup recommendations 

Are you looking to update your makeup vanity? I will be sharing new makeup that I just started using and makeup that I have been using for a while. The following is new makeup and makeup that is part of my consistent beauty routine:

Sephora Lipstick recommendations 

Lipstick adds a beautiful finish to my makeup routine. I have added a vast collection over the years. I have used luxury lipstick such as Dior and Tom Ford, and more affordable lipstick such as Rare Beauty lip oil. I have used toppers such as Jouer Lip enhancer or Lawless forget the Filler. I have recently discovered the Tom Ford lipstick. The packaging is luxurious and the color is long lasting. 

Rare Beauty at Sephora *

I was lucky to be gifted the Rare beauty lip oil, owned by Selena Gomez, in the color Joy to celebrate their launch. I am going to share with you my experience in using the rare beauty lip oil and other products that I would love to try from Rare Beauty. 

Rare Beauty lip oil

The first thing that I love about this lip oil is the beautiful packaging. It’s in the iconic packaging with the silver lid. I notice a slight cooling effect when I first apply the Rare Beauty lip oil. It feels soft and hydrating  when I first apply. It glides on my lips gently. The color remains on for the longest time. It doesn’t disappoint. They hydration is lasting even when the shine disappears. 

What is special about rare beauty

Rare beauty Sephora

Is rare beauty expensive

Is rare Beauty dermatologist approved
Rare Beauty Makeup at Sephora 

Rare Beauty Recommendations for the Sephora sale

Rare Beauty is a brand that I want to try more of with the high quality makeup that is affordable. 

Armani Beauty at Sephora 

Why is luminous silk so good?

Armani Lipstick , Dior Lipstick, Jouer Lip Enhancer

Lawless Beauty - Clean Beauty Brand at Sephora

Is lawless beauty a clean brand?

My top complexion and foundation picks for the Sephora Sale

It starts with a great foundation. Your makeup won’t look good if you can’t find the right foundation for you. There are so many great foundations that I have been lucky to use. 

There are several Charlotte Tilbury Favorites from the beautiful skin foundation and add the flawless filter under or on top of the beautiful skin for a glowing complexion. The beauty light wand in Pinkgasm adds a glowing splash of color on my cheeks. 

Armani Beauty Luminous Silk is a favorite foundation that is part of my consistent beauty routine. I have shared my full review of the foundation in another post. A medium coverage foundation with a beautiful luminous glow. The luminous silk concealer provides hydration and on the spot coverage. The lip power satin long lasting lipstick in intimate creates a beautiful neutral color. I like to create a monochromatic look by using this as a blush as well. I would like to try the new Armani beauty luminous silk glow blush. I heard so many great things about the formula of the blush. The packaging is beautiful with the sleek style and their iconic Armani Beauty logo on the blush. 

Jouer has wonderful complexion products from the highly pigmented highlighter, soft airbrushed finished powder, high coverage liquid concealer, creamy concealer pen and creamy blush duo. I have three blush and bloom shades and I am adding more to my collection! I have shared an extensive Jouer Review Here. Still want to save on Jouer after the sale? Use my code LYFESTILEBEAUTY to save on your Jouer purchase at the Jouer site. 

I use the beauty blender* to obtain a flawless airbrush finish. I have not used a beauty blender in years. It makes an easy, effortless blend that is quick and natural. The ease of use and flawless finish makes beauty blender worth the cost. 

Is tatcha a good line?
Add a finish that is silky with Tatcha silk powder 

Tatcha, a luxury brand that has high quality ingredients never fail. They have great products that exceeds my expectations. Tatcha has several different skincare types for all skin types: oily, dry and combination. The silk powder protective setting pro is no exception. 

Jouer Makeup at Sephora 

Jouer complexion and makeup look
I have shared my experience with the Jouer Brand 

Which brand foundation is best?
Shop foundation at Sephora

Which beauty brand is best?

Beauty Blender new beauties bronze

Merit Beauty - Minimal makeup 

Clean beauty, Vegan and Cruelty Free

Is Merit Beauty a luxury brand?
Merit flush cream balm

Are you looking for the no makeup look with minimal effort? Merit Beauty, a clean beauty brand created by Katherine Power, takes pride in minimal beauty that helps you achieve a quick and natural makeup look. I love that this brand is noncomedogenic, it won’t clog your pores. I am impressed with the packaging and the aesthetics. It’s amazing that Merit allows you to create a whole makeup look with just a few products. 

I begin the the Minimalist foundation that can also be used as a spot coverage. It’s a creamy texture that is easy to blend. I use the no. 1 tapered blending brush to blend out the foundation. The brush feels soft on my skin. The day glow dewy highlighting balm adds a natural glow that is natural and lightweight. he flush balm blush adds a soft color that can be buildable. 

Jouer Beauty at Sephora - Cruelty Free Beauty

Is Jouer a Clean Brand?
Blush Bouquet duo palette 

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup at Sephora

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup has high quality products that never disappoint. Sephora is a great time to shop for your favorite Charlotte Tilbury makeup from their foundations, highlighters, blushes and eyeshadows. Charlotte Tilbury’s popularity is thanks to their high quality products that deliver exceptional results. My top favorite Charlotte Tilbury product the very popular Pillow Talk lipstick. It’s my go to lipstick for everyday look. I seriously need to buy the full size as I went through my third mini. I usually get one with each purchase. A little treat - would you like to continue to save on your Charlotte Tilbury purchase after the sale? Use my affiliate commission code feliceFA0G1 to save on your Charlotte Tilbury purchase at the Charlotte Tilbury site. I do make commission if you use my code. 

Why is Charlotte Tilbury so Famous?
Charlotte Tilbury Makeup at Sephora 

Westman Atelier at Sephora 

Is Westman Atelier a clean brand
Westman Atelier by Gucci Westman
Eye pods cream eyeshadow 

Westman Atelier, founded by Gucci Westman, is a luxury brand made with clean ingredients. The Westman Atelier packaging is a simple yet luxurious aesthetic. The Westman Atelier brand is a clean at Sephora brand. The Westman Atelier eye pods are a cream to powder texture. It feels silky and easy to apply. Apply with a brush or your hands. I am using the color rendezvous and I love the color payoff using my finger. It has a light wash of shimmer. These are great for every day use as they are not high in pigmentation. These are more for a natural look. The pods are magnetic and comes in a travel bag that allows you to store or take on the go easily. They work best with a stiff brush to get the best application and color payoff. 

Patrick TA Makeup Recommendations

Patrick TA is a vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free brand. Warm weather is nearing and the perfect makeup look is a bronze glow. Patrick TA’s make is perfect to achieve that look with these makeup products:

Skincare brands to buy from the Sephora Sale

Skincare can be expensive to keep up. The Sephora sale is the best time to stock up on your skincare products. My skin changes throughout the season so that I tried skincare products that addresses several different needs. 

Hum Nutrition at Sephora*

Non-GMO, natural and clean ingredients 

Hum Nutrition, a Clean ingredient supplement brand, helps you start within to meet your supplemental needs. These vitamins are also great for the environment - they aim for sustainable packaging to prevent the equivalent of two water bottles from entering the ocean. Hum Nutrition vitamins has several different vitamins to help meet your needs. My current routine is the Glow Sweet Glow, Hair Sweet Hair and the Pro ACV Healthy Gut Vegan Gummies

Hum Nutrition at Sephora
Hum Nutrition Glow Sweet Glow

Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow at Sephora 

Glow Recipe, a Korean Skincare brand that was featured in shark tank, started with their first product - the watermelon glow sleeping mask. The sleeping mask was the first Glow Recipe product that I tried inside a Sephora store. I fell in love with the Texture and the smell. I love that Glow Recipe does not clog pores and great for my sensitive skin. 

You probably seen the Niacinamide glow Dew drops go viral all over social media. The Niacinamide Dew drops are a great makeup enhancer that creates a dewy makeup look. I can mix this with my foundation, highlighter or even blush. The Glow Recipe PHA toner is perfect to unclog pores, gently exfoliates and helps soothes my skin. A couple drops in my hands provides an all over relief that provides a soft finish. The toner has a gentle formula that hydrates and ace to use every day.

Is Clinique good for older skin
Clinique Skincare Routine - Acne Prone Skin

Clinique skincare is a product that I hold dear to heart. My first skincare that I used as a teen, my first full time job was a manager at Clinique and a brand that continues to make my skin healthier. It started with the three step for me. It has helped my makeup apply flawlessly. My skin was more glowing after the first usage. The cleanser for oily skin provides a cooling effect, the acne clarifying lotion is gentle on my skin and helps control the acne and the dramatically different lotion soothes my skin. The three work together to provide that healthy glow. I have shared my review here

Is glow recipe a Korean brand?
Glow Recipe Watermelon Glow

Did glow recipe start on shark tank?
Glow Recipe Clean Skincare

Does glow recipe cause purging?
Glow Recipe Toner Glow Recipe Niacinamide Dew Drops

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare at Sephora *

This two-step peel pad is a life saver when I have those stubborn break outs. I feel that my skin is feeling more cleansed on a deeper level. There are times when I get bad break outs and these pads are great have have in case of emergency. In addition to break outs, these pads helps smooth out texture and skin as well as reduce the look of lines. How often can you use the daily peel pads? I start using these pads 1-2 times a week once a day and you should notice a difference in the texture of your skin in about two weeks. Some active ingredients are retinol, Feluric acid, lactic acid and mandelic acid. The Dr. Dennis Gross Universal Peel Pads is definitely a product I will keep replenishing.

Are you looking for a skincare product to elevate your routine to the next level? Not ready for the needle? The newest launch of Dr. Dennis Gross, Derminfusion fill + repair serum*, is the perfect alternative that is not ready for injectables. These are alternative to injectable fillers. The texture feels amazing and it hydrates my skin and it makes it feels smoother. I have some areas that needs more filled than others, so I use the Dr. Dennis Gross Serum as a spot treatment for those areas. The fill + repair serum is infused with niacinamide, peptides, hyaluronic acid and ectoin. 

What does Dr. Dennis Gross Peel do?
Dr Dennis Gross Beta Universal Daily Peels

How long does it take to see results from Dr. Dennis Gross
Derminfusion fill + repair serum with Hyaluronic acid 

Shiseido Urban environment Vita Sunscreen SPF 42*

Shiseido, a luxury brand, has recently launched a new sunscreen with skincare benefits. Shiseido urban environment oil-free Mineral sunscreen contains hyaluronic acid and helps protects your skin against the environmental aggressors that can further the aging process. Sun protection is important step in your skincare routine and should never be skipped even if your sun exposure is minimal. I am recommending this sunscreen as I am currently using and loving this sunscreen.

Is shiseido a Korean brand?

Bobbi Brown at Sephora - Bobbi Brown Vitamin enriched face moisturizer *

The Bobbi Brown Vitamin enriched moisturizer works as a primer and moisturizer in one. It helps smooth, hydrate and pump the skin so that your makeup can apply smoother. This moisturizer preps my skin for my makeup. It melts into my skin and blends into my skin feeling luxurious. 

Is Bobbi brown a luxury brand
Bobbi Brown Vitamin enriched moisturizer 

Lancôme Genius Serum - Lancome Skincare *

Lancôme Advanced Genifique radiance boosting serum provides a youthful glow. It feels lightweight and absorbs into my skin. The self loading dropper loads enough needed for the face and neck. The Lancome Genifique is used to help strengthen the skin’s barrier to provide a healthy, glowing skin. You can see radiant skin within 7 days of consistent use. Lancome’s Genifique is so great because of the many benefits: loss of firmness, uneven skin tone, lack of radiance, fine lines, inflammation and dull skin. Genifique hyaluronic acid serum helps with locking in your moisture. The main active ingredient In Lancôme’s Genifique is Bifidus extract, an ingredient that is a natural probiotic that helps repair the outer layer of your skin. 

Fresh skincare black Tea Advanced age Renewal Cream *

Fresh skincare new black Tea was gifted to me and I can’t wait to use this moisturizer. It was gifted to me and the benefits of this moisturizer is what I am excited about. Fresh skincare black tea anti-aging moisturizer with retinol helps with firmness and skin texture. The Sephora sale is the best time to try something new. 

Is fresh skincare a clean brand
Fresh black tea advanced age renewal cream

Paula’s Choice Pro Collagen Multi-Peptide Booster

My first product from Paula’s choice is the skin perfecting 2% BHA toner and the results speaks for themselves. It’s no wonder the toner is so popular. It help reduced the small bumps on my face. I was gifted the Paula’s Choice Pro Collagen Multi-Peptide booster and I want to share my first impression. The peptide booster is formulated to help with fine lines, wrinkles,  dullness and discoloration. This is a potent ingredient to help dramatically improve the look of your skin to provide a younger and healthier look. The texture is a lightweight formula and the smell did not last long. The smell faded after a while. I woke up to softer skin. 

Benefit Cosmetics - the Porefessional at Sephora *

Everyone wants smooth, soft skin and seek skincare products that will help you reach those results. The benefit Porefessional primer offer short term solution by providing an instant smooth texture to allow a flawless foundation application. The new Porefessional skincare line offers a more long term solution to repair the texture over time by unclogging, improve the texture and minimize the size of your pores. They have launched six products. 

I was gifted the whole collection of the porefessional collection from Benefit Cosmetics with no requirement to post. I have been gradually using the products separately to get the real feeling of the collection. I started by double cleansing by using the Benefit Porefessional get unblocked cleansing oil to melt away my makeup. I followed with the Benefit Porefessional Good Cleanup foaming cleanser. There was no oily or drying feeling after usage. It was easy to melt away my makeup without harsh scrubbing. 

After a while, I implemented the Benefit Porefessional Tight N’ Toned Toning Foam. It’s an unique foaming toner that allows you to plump and apply. The benefit foaming toner has AHA and PHA to help gently remove dead skin. I love that I don’t have to use a cotton or pad to apply this toner. 

The Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional has two masks: benefit cosmetics Deep retreat mask and benefit cosmetics speedy smooth mask. There are two major differences — the deep retreat mask works deeper in the skin and helps draw out the oils from deep within. It’s amazing because you can see it working and the color fading from purple to white. The Speedy Smooth mask is like an instant facial and is meant to rinse off quickly after 3-5 minutes. This works more on the top layer of the skin. The deep retreat works better for my skin type because I am more acne prone and need the deeper clean. 

The Finale product - Porefessional smooth sip moisturizer - is a cream with Squalene and niacinamide to help provide a lightweight moisture. This helps smooth the texture of my skin and provides hydration without clogging the pores or breaking me out. 

Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional  Skincare

Porefessional smooth sip moisturizer 

Is benefit Cosmetics available at Sephora

What benefit Porefessional used for

Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional deep retreat 

Tight N’ Toned Foaming Toner

Is benefit worth the price
Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional Tight N’ Tone

Charlotte Tilbury Skincare at Sephora 

Why is charlotte tilbury magic cream so expensive

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream Night

Those that have been following me know that I love Charlotte Tilbury makeup. They have great complexion and color products - especially my favorite Pillow Talk. Another gem is the Charlotte Tilbury Skincare - the magic cream. One of my favorite skincare products is the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream. It started with Charlotte Tilbury using her magic cream backstage at fashion shows for a quick transformation. It was loved and requested by so many and the cream became available to the public with its ability to provide a smooth texture and instant glow. The ingredients - vitamin C, peptides, hyaluronic acid - work together to perfect the texture of your skin and deeply nourish. This instant perfector makes my makeup looks better and more radiant. The magic night cream, pictured above, is perfect for night because of the retinol ingredient. I love how I wake up with baby soft skin. My skin absorbs and repairs itself while I am sleeping. The ingredients and the benefits makes the magic cream worth the price. 

Want to continue to save on your Charlotte Tilbury purchases after the Sephora Sale? I have a commission affiliate code you can use to save on your Charlotte Tilbury purchase at the Charlotte Tilbury Site. Use my affiliate code feliceFA0G1 to save. I will make a commission if you make a purchase using my code. 

St. Tropez Tanning

What does St. Tropez smell like

ST. Tropez Luxe Body Serum*

I am excited to give self tanning a chance. I heard great things about the St. Tropez tanner. I love the way this tanner smells and can’t wait to use it. I am researching the best way to tan and being gifted this tanner is a sign to give it a try again now that I am more experienced. 

Haircare Recommendations for the Sephora sale

Amika Haircarehas products for everyone - all hair types. I love that the brand is sustainable, vegan and provides professional Haircare tools. Amika is an affordable luxury Haircare brand that makes the products more accessible. The Amika Kure hair mask is perfect for repairing and hydrating your hair. I have been through at least three bottles. I use this when I need a rich texture and repairing my hair in between trims. The dream routine overnight hydrating hair masks is a perfect partner to the kure mask. I wake up with softer hair. I am obsessed with this hair mask. 

Want to continue saving on your Amika products after the sale? Use my code LYFESTILEBEAUTY to save when shopping the Amika official site.

Virtue Labs Haircarehas targeted solutions for frizz, hydration, repair and hair loss. Virtue Lab Haircare drug-free formula helps support healthy Hair Growth. I have tried the Virtue Flourish set*: Shampoo*, conditioner* and density booster*. This set is designed for moderate hair thinning. This is a great set for anyone who is experiencing thinning hair or hair falling out. The Virtue Flourish hair mask has a rich texture and is nourishing. The mask melts into my hair without weighing it down. My hair felt healthier and I love the instant results. The Frizz block Spray provides a lightweight texture that takes flyaway’s. I spray at the end of my hair and my hair feels smooth. This feels so lightweight in my hair. It’s not a thick or flattening.

Vegamour has vegan ingredients. Vegamour Hydr-8 new line helps replenish and hydrate hair. It provides a healthy looking hair and repairs hair that is dull and dry. We tend to get the most dry at the end of our hair. My favorite part of the new Vegamour Hydr-8 is the smell. Do you remember the way your grandmother’s vanity smell? The hydr-8 products reminds me of that pleasant smell. It’s not as strong and actually makes it perfect. The Hydr-8 comes in a shampoo, conditioner and hair mask. The Hydr8 shampoo lathers so perfectly. A little goes a long ways. It comes with a twist lid that can be convenient but the shampoo can leak so I sit it upside down to prevent the leaking. I have been using the refillable bottles to save on plastic waste. 

Amika Haircare *

Is Amika a luxury brand
Amika Haircare for dry hair

What hair type is Amika for
Amika sustainable Haircare

Amika has taken a step towards a more sustainable future with less plastic waste with their Terracycle program, refillable bottles and refill pouches in order to reduce plastic waste. Know that you will be taking a step to reducing waste when you are supporting a brand such as Amika. I am proud to be a brand ambassador for a brand such as Amika. Do you want to continue to save on your Amika products after the sale? Use my code LYFESTILEBEAUTY any time on the Amika site. 

Oribe Haircare at Sephora 

Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray 

I remember trying the Oribe Dry texturizing spray for the first time. I was impressed with the way it instantly gave my hair this voluminous look with a sexy texture. It feels like a hairspray and dry shampoo hybrid. The Oribe Dry texturizing spray works best on dry hair. Unlike dry shampoo, the Oribe dry texturizing spray leaves no residue. I am addicted to this spray and I continue to purchase a bottle. I need a lifetime supply of the Oribe dry texturizing spray. This is also great to boost your curls instantly to add that special texture to your hair. A little bit is all that I need to achieve the style I seek. The dry texturizing spray can be used after your other styling products.This dry texturizing spray is my top Haircare product. Are you looking for a easy voluminous look that has a beautiful texture? The Oribe dry texturizing spray is the right product for you! I have shared my review for Oribe Haircare here. 

Olaplex Haircare, Another hair product that I am testing is the Olaplex new Olaplex No. 4D dry shampoo spray. I distribute the Oribe Dry shampoo evenly on my hair to easily refresh my hair. The Olaplex No. 4 dry shampoo is perfect for in between days to prolong my hair wash. It is formulated to not clog pores or leave a white residue on your hair. A product that I would like to try from Olaplex Haircare is the Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Hair Oil. I love that it helps achieve healthy hair. 

Vegamour Hydr-8 

Vegamour Deep Moisture Repair Mask

Virtue Labs Haircare

Virtue Labs Frizz Block

Is virtue hair really that good
Virtue Labs Frizz Block

Virtue Flourish for thinning hair

Virtue Labs for thinning hair
Virtue Labs Flourish collection* 

Is virtue labs good for thinning hair?
Virtue Flourish Hair mask*

Does Jennifer Garner use virtue lab hair products
Virtue Flourish Shampoo

Virtue Labs Haircare Products flourish
Virtue Flourish Conditioner*

Virtue Flourish Density booster*

Olaplex Haircare at Sephora 

Closing Thoughts 

How often does Sephora gets new offers
Sephora 2023 Sale Beauty Favorites

I hope that you enjoyed my comprehensive guide. I have so much coming soon. This week, I will be sharing my Sephora favorites on my social Channels. Please be sure to subscribe and follow and click the links below to stay updated. I am working on a Haircare and Mother’s Day Gift guide post.

*Items marked with an asterisk were gifted. As always, all my reviews are my own. This post contains affiliate links. This means that I will make a commission on any purchase you make when you click on one of my links. 

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