Nira AntiAging skincare Device - Nira Skincare reviews

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Nira skincare device Review
Nira skincare device Review

Welcome and please join me as I share with you my experience using the Nira Skincare laser device. This was an introductory post to Nira but I have updated this post as I have used this device for over a year. I was sent a Nira Laser device to try and I want to share with you my experience.

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What is Nira?

Nira skincare laser is the first laser treatment that you can experience at the comfort of your home. It’s painless and proven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. It can be used around the eyes or spot treatments, such as the lines around the nose or mouth. Nira uses the same technology as dermatologist to help renew the skin by stimulating collagen. Nira is developed by industry experts that engineer the laser diodes for professional Dermatology systems. It is safe for all skin types. It penetrates deep within the layers of the skin. 

What is Nira good for?

Nira is developed to reduce wrinkles around the eyes by stimulating the collagen level in a gentle way. You can also use this treat hooded eyes and areas around the mouth.

Nira skincare laser benefits
Nira Anti-aging device

How do you use Nira Device?

Use on cleanse, dry skin after your toning step before any other skincare treatment. Use around the eyes at 40 pulses per eye. You may use twice a day for expedited results. It’s best to start with the lowest intensity and build yourself up as you progress. Hold the device onto your skin and press the treatment button. Wait until you hear a double beep before moving over to the next area. You are not close enough to the skin if you hear anything else but a double beep.

Benefits of Nira device
Nira laser device 

Nira skincare device treatment
Nira skincare device

Is Nira Skincare device FDA Approved?

Nira skincare device is FDA cleared and is developed to treat fine lines and wrinkles?

Laser anti-aging device

What are the benefits of the Nira Skincare device?

There are so many benefits to having an at home skincare device at the comfort of your home. You can save, money, time, and you can do it at the comfort of your home. It is less invasive than laser surgery. It feels gentle on your skin. You should not feel an intense burning. Lower your intensity if you feel a burn. 

Nira Vs. Laser treatment 

I would recommend you try Nira Laser Device before booking the appointment for a laser treatment. There are many benefits. You will be spending the fraction of the cost of in office benefits with just an one time investment. You would need to continuously spend thousands of dollars on the laser treatment. You will also save on the gas you spend to get to the office for each consultation and treatment. A laser treatment can be about $5,000 and you will need 3-5 treatments to get results. The Nira device is under 500 and it takes only a one time lifetime investment. You would have to also repeat laser treatments every years. 

Convenience of Nira laser device 

We all want to keep our skin looking young and we want to achieve younger looking skin. Now we do it with convenience. Imagine wearing your most comfortable pajamas without having to leave your home and getting an at-home laser treatment. You will save time and money on your Nira skincare device and it’s easy to implement into your skincare regimen. Just two minutes per treatment and you will see dramatic results in 9 months. 

Younger skin in 90 days

All it takes is two minutes a day and you will start to see results in 90 days. The key is consistency. It’s imperative to be consistent in your Nira device just like any skincare regimen workout routine. 

Natural alternative to Botox and fillers

It’s best to start with an alternative that is natural and easy to use. Nira takes time and consistency to use but the results are lasting vs. Botox.

Nira skincare device is painless 

The device is gentle with each use vs. other treatments. Get the same results as other treatments without the pain. There is no downtime when using your device. You can continue with your activities instantly after using the Nira device.

How do you implement Nira in your skincare treatment 

You want to make sure that your skin is clean, dry and makeup free. You will use your device after your cleansing step and before any skincare treatments. I use my cleanser and I pat dry my skin. I follow with my Nira Device and follow with my toner/essence, serum and moisturizer. I follow with my SolaWave device to boost my serum and moisturizer.

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Nira skincare benefits

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