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Hello Beauty Lovers! Welcome to My beauty blog! Please introduce yourself to me, I want to get to know my readers and create a relationship with them as well. Please introduce yourself below and make this a safe place to have fun with makeup and learn about beauty. 

My blog will contain reviews for my favorite brands, swatches, first time experiences with new products, product launches, and share with you how to use the products. It will video demonstrations from my 

A little about me - My interests and background

I have passion for all things beauty and skincare. My favorite type of beauty to review is luxury beauty. I have a Bachelor's Degree in Business. I like to think outside the box and be creative on the business side and it's amazing how much I can do that with my blog. 

I am an old soul at heart but I have the energy of a child. I love listening to classical music. I like opera, Celtic Music, World Music. I love listening to songs from different languages and learning how to pronounce the words and learn the meaning. I also enjoy music from the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's and today. It really depends on my mood.

I love musicals! I like going to musicals and watching movies that are musicals. My favorite movie is Phantom of the Opera. I am also a Star Wars Junkie. I do prefer the original movies to the new one. I enjoy Star Wars watch parties as well. I am a geek at heart when in comes to my passion whether it be music, beauty or movies.

Beauty Industry - my background in beauty

I have worked in the beauty industry for over five years. I love all things beauty and skincare. I like to share my expert opinion about different products in beauty, skincare lifestyle and health. I have an passion for knowledge of all things in beauty and skincare and I keep up with the latest trends. I continue my passion even though I know longer work in the beauty industry. I started my blog so I can continue to share my passion.

Makeup Application and makeup swatches

Several of the things I review are products that I have received for free during my time in cosmetics or as PR for review. This does not affect my opinions in any manner. All opinions are honest and are my own! 

I started out my blog sharing my knowledge about what I learned about skincare type, makeup routine and makeup/skincare hacks. My knowledge about online blogging has helped me advanced my skills and knowledge. Now my blog has grown to include more product demonstration, videos and makeup swatches. 

My Cat - the Princess

I have a cat that I adore and love with all of my heart. You will see the Princess from time to time. I will also review products and provide pet advice on my experience. I got her during quarantine and I was happy to be stuck with her during lockdown. 

My Skincare regimen:

Day - Cleanser, toner, essence lotion, serum, moisturizer mixed with my vitamin c drops, eye cream or serum depends on how my eyes feel, moisturizer and sun protection

Night- Makeup remover, cleanser, sometimes face mask, sometimes face scrub, toner, essence lotion, serum, night cream and eye cream. 

Please, do not replace my advice or recommendation with a dermatologist or other health official. 

I do have a knowledge in beauty through research and my time in the beauty industry but please do not replace my advice with a professional advice. I am here to talk about the latest launches and share my tips and tricks. 

Please, have a seat and allow me to guide you with my expert advice. Introduce yourself to me in the comments below so we get to know each other. 

Please contact me if you have any more questions. 

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