Mother's Day Gift Guide 2023 for the Special Mother figure in your life

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Mother's Day 2023 Gift Guide

Mother’s Day gift guide 2023
Mother’s Day gift Guide

Mother's day is a day to show extra appreciation and spend time with your mom, whether it is a mother or a mother figure, it's their special day. There are many ways to make the day special for them depending on the person and their likes. It can be hard to determine a way to make it special and know how you can create a special moment. First thing I want you to do is pick up that phone and tell them that you love and appreciate them in your special way. Write a letter of appreciation of the time that you were able to spend in the past and write a special memory. At the end of the day, write what made today special. 

First, what is important is those special memories that you create with them so that you can create memories that are cherished forever. It can be time, experience or a specialized gift. 

Below is my guide when creating the perfect Mother's Day gift:

What are the most common gift on Mother's Day?

Common gifts that mother's receive are usually Flowers, chocolates and a card. The card makes any gift special so that you can share a special message and show your appreciate. 

How to make the best Mother's Day Gift?

Make is special for them. Do they have special restaurant? Make sure that you are able to reserve a table for their favorite restaurant because restaurants can be busy and crowded. You can take them to their favorite restaurant on another day if they are the type that prefers not to be around a big crowd. You know what works best for them or you can easily ask them.

What is the number one thing that Mother's want on Mother's Day?

Time - busy moms ask for times for themselves and they also ask for quality time with you. They just want you to be there. Busy moms lose themselves in their busy day that they don't get quality time with themselves. Offer to allow them to be able to have time for themselves: get a baby sitter, send them to their favorite place, make a promise that will allow them to take a vacation.

How do you make Mother's Day Special?

Cater mother's Day to what they want: cook for them and offer to clean up so they can actually enjoy the day. Create a customizable gift that they can cherish forever - whether it is a photo album, photo on blanket or cup.  

What is the best surprise for mother's Day?

The best surprise is being there and creating a gift that is Special. That is why I love making gift baskets as gifts. You can make it specialized to the specific person.

Brunch Ideas for Mother's Day

I like to make something special right before the celebration and big together. This makes the day start out special.  I put together a special brunch type of meal together. My favorite brunch tools are eggs, yogurt, fruit, syrup/pancakes.

Mix her favorite fruit (raspberries and blackberries above) with her favorite yogurt and add some Chia seeds to make it delicious 

Add in some granola to make it crunchy

support small brands such as Michele Foods and add some flavor to your breakfast

Taste the sweet, delicious gourmet syrups from Michele Foods, generations in the making! Enjoy using them in these mouthwatering recipes.

Mother's Day Gift Basket

What goes in a Mother's Day Gift Basket?

You can choose chocolates, food, candy, perfume, skincare, spa items, makeup, robe, blankets, photo albums - anything to make the gift basket special for mother's day. You can create a theme basket with basket that is colored to match their favorite color. 

Fragrance gift ideas for Mother's Day

Give the gift of luxurious fragrance for mother's day with these luxury fragrance items. 

Urthy Scents*

Choose a customized fragrance set with Urthy Scents. Give the gift of a luxurious customizable fragrance experience without the headache and harsh fragrance. These fragrance are free of phthalates and are clean and toxin free. 

Urthy Scents Reed Diffuser

Urthy Scents Reed

Urthy Scents Reed Diffuser

Urthy Scents Gift set

Create a gift basket with Urthy Scents

Palma De Salus - Use my code LYFESTILEBEAUTYANDSKIN to save*

Hydrating Hand Sanitizer

Chocolates For Mother's Day

Add something sweet to her basket. It’s good to give her her favorite chocolates or try something with a variety like Z. Cioccolato.

Z. Cioccolato Fudge made in the Heart of San Francisco*

Mother's Day Gift Box

Mother's Day Artisan Gift Box - $65*

  • 4 Squares of Gourmet Fudge
  • Chocolate Truffles
  • Salt Water Taffy
  • Jumbo Peanut Butter Cup
  • White Choc Raspberry Rose
  • Chocolate Dipped Oreos

Add Color with made by Fressko reusable cup for Coffee, Tea and water

made by fressko

made by fressko

Turn your 22oz or 34oz infuser tea thermos into the ultimate sip-on-the-go water bottle with one easy twist!

Haircare Products for Mother's Day

Hush and Hush Deeply Rooted*

This trio is soothing on my hair. I have used the Hush & Hush collection for a couple of months and I am loving the results. The trio creates a luxurious experience for my hair. The soothing formula provides a lather and helps works deeply into my hair.  The shampoo lather so perfectly into my hair. Provide the gift of Healthy Hair with Hush and Hush deeply rooted collection!

Hush & Hush haircare
Hush & Hush Deeply Rooted Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Serum

hush and hush reviews

deeply rooted hair serum review

Virtue Labs Flourish® Thickening & Hydrating Mask for Thinning Hair*

A rich formula that melts into my hair. Feels lightweight and creates that luxurious Spa experience. This is a perfect self care routine that will lead to healthy, luxurious hair. 

virtue lab hair mask for thinning hair

Skincare Devices for Mother's Day

SolaWave Radiant Renewal Skincare Wand with Red Light Therapy Use my affiliate code LYFESTILE15 to save money on your purchase!

Radiant Renewal Wand vs Advanced Skincare wand

Buy one for yourself and buy one for your mom! This SOLAWAVE wand is versatile. I love the original, but there could be improvements. The New Solawave Radiant Renewal Skincare Wand wand has fixed those issues and is made better. Comes with a on/off button, has 7 dual core LEDS vs. 5 LED + stronger light output for faster results - 150% more power, Galvanic Current to help boost the absorption of your skincare products, the magnetic charging port allows the wand to become waters resistance, 180 degree head rotation vs. the 90 degree rotation and comes with a travel case to make for a more portable experience. 

Nira Skincare use my affiliate Commission code LYFTSTILE to save

Give the gift of wrinkle reduction with the fraction of the cost of visiting the office! Only one investment and can be used for many years.

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Precision Collection: 
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Ultimate Antiaging Collection:

Luxury Makeup product gift ideas for Mother's day - Renew her makeup wardrobe

I have a vast makeup collection due to my blog and makeup review social channels. There are so many brands that I love and hold dearly. I will be sharing the best, highest quality makeup to update her beauty wardrobe. 

Give the gift of lip color with Rare Beauty lip Oil

Rare beauty lip oil

ByTerry Luxury Makeup

I love French Beauty Products - especially products that gives me that flawless makeup look. ByTerry, an award-winning French Luxury beauty brand, has skincare infused makeup products that provides a healthy and radiant look. I shared my review here, here and here

ByTerry Makeup Review
ByTerry High Quality Makeup

Where to buy ByTerry Makeup

Jouer Makeup - Luxury French Beauty

Use my Jouer Affiliate code LYFESTILEBEAUTY to save on your Purchase at Jouer Site

Jouer makeup is high quality with the cream blushes, high pigmented highlighters and silky powder. I have shared my extensive Jouer Review if you would like to know more about my top picks. 

Jouer Cosmetics

Jouer Makeup For Mother's Day

Jouer makeup

Charlotte Tilbury High Quality Makeup

Use my affiliate code FeliceFA0g1 to save on your Charlotte Tilbury Purchase

Charlotte Tilbury is a popular brand for a reason. Started with the very popular Magic Cream, Charlotte Tilbury has garnered love from Stars to makeup artists. Bring home the magic of Charlotte Tilbury to your loved one. 

I am a Charlotte Tilbury affiliate / Magic Beauty star but all products are purchased by me

Sisley Paris Makeup, Hair care Fragrance and Skincare

Sisley Paris, a luxury French brand with high quality ingredients that is developed in France, is created incorporating ingredients that are natural plant extracts and oils that are safe and tailored to your specific needs. Sisley Paris products are inspired by nature and backed by advanced science. Sisley highly effective ingredients makes it worth the luxury price. Your skin type and needs will help you decide which Sisley Collection is right for you. You won't be disappointed in your Sisley investment because of their attention to detail and incorporating the best ingredients to help you achieve your desired results. 

Where do I buy Sisley Paris?

You can buy Sisley Paris luxury beauty from several retail store:

Sisley-Paris Rouge Shine Lipstick

A Few of my Sisley Paris Recommendations:

Cle De Peau Beaute Luxury Makeup and Skincare

Cle de Peau Beaute is a luxury beauty brand that I share several times on my social Channels and blog. I love creating makeup looks with their high quality products. Their effective ingredients makes the brand worth the price

cle de peau luxury beauty

Cle de Peau Products that I have used:

cle de peau lip gloss review

cle de peau lip glorifier

Cle de Peau Beaute luxury beauty
Cle de Peau Beaute is a luxury beauty brand

UBeauty *

Other U Beauty Favorites:

I hope you enjoyed my mother's day gift guide. I hope that you are able to cherish those precious memories and create new memories to cherish. So many newness coming soon on the blog and social. Be sure to follow my socials below to stay updated on the post.

I may not be a mom but I am a cat Mom. Happy Mother’s Say!

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