Clinique skincare routine + Clinique favorites and Clinique empties

Clinique skincare routine

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Clinique three step routine
Clinique 3 step routine

Clinique’s three step routine has helped me for years. I have been using Clinique skincare brand for years. I started using Clinique when I was a teen. It was so gentle on my skin. My skin has changed from oily skin, dry skin to very dry skin.

I have recently been through the Clinique three step for oily and acne prone skin. I started having acne-prone skin during my last year of high school. I didn’t have issues with acne in my skin until I became an adult. I never thought in my wildest days that I would have adult acne. I thought I was lucky since I didn’t get in junior high. 

I was a Clinique beauty advisor for years and will use terms I used in my training. You will catch me going deep in the science of Clinique’s skincare. I had previous relationships with the company as an advisor but I purchased all the products that are discussed in this post. I enjoyed going over the Clinique steps with my fellow Clinique lovers. The links in this post contains affiliate links. I will make a commission if you make a purchase using one of my links. 

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Clinique Three step

Do you remember when we used to wash our face with a bar soap? I though it was enough until I started to be introduced to the Clinique three step. I remember getting my first consultation with my sisters and I stayed consistent in my three step. I received compliments on my skin and I felt confident.

Clinique three step is a customized simplified three step routine that is catered towards your skin type. They have a routine for all skin types and concerns: very dry skin, dry skin, oily skin, very oily skin, sensitive skin, redness and acne-prone skin. The Clinique three step routine is cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. 

What is good about the Clinique three step?

It allows me to customize my routine. There are times when I feel like my skin needs a cleanser for oily skin but use a moisturizer for dry skin and I can do that. It’s an easy routine that allows me to finish my routine quickly. 

Each step works together holistically to achieve healthy skin. The cleanser helps loosen up that dirt and oil that has built up over time. My skin feels so dirty and oily after a long day. That is why I feel I need to use the oily cleanser even when I have dry skin. The clarifying lotion sweeps away the built up of dead skin, dirt and oil that builds up. This allows for the third step to absorb better into the skin. The third step, the moisturizer, balances out you skin allowing for your next skincare to work better and look better. 

I am going to go over my Clinique skincare routine for dry skin, Clinique routine for combination skin and Clinique skincare routine for oily and Acne-prone skin. My skin changes and I change my routine with my changing skin. 

Clinique three step for dry skin

Clinique’s routine for dry skin depends on how dry your skin feels. Ask yourself these questions to determine the intensity of your dry skin. Is your skin flaky? Is it dry everywhere? Is there any oiliness present? You would be dry combination if you don’t have dryness everywhere or you find yourself more dry than oily. Very dry skin could consist of flakiness or dry skin everywhere.

Skincare step for very dry skin

Skincare step for dry combination skin

  1. All about cleanse liquid facial soap mild
  2. Clarifying lotion type 2 (HSN, Sephora, SAKS, QVC )
  3. Dramatically different lotion and moisture surge
There are sets for skin type two. There is the Clinique three step introductory kit type two. This allows you to try out the three step without making a full commitment. Clinique claims that you will notice healthier skin within 10 days of  consistent use. This set helps you see the results to healthy looking skin. Love your three step? There is a three step set, great skin everywhere, which is a great deal that comes with the jumbo size clarifying lotion and travel size three step. 

Clinique three step for oily skin

Clinique’s skincare routine for oily skin comes in two types: very oily skin and oily skin. You skin type depends on where the oiliness is present and how oily is your skin. Is your skin dry but more oily? Is oily only present in some areas? Your skin type would be oil combination with skin type three. Is oiliness present all over your face or do you have extreme oiliness? You are skin type four. The only difference in the step is the clarifying lotion that you use.

I never thought I would ever need a skincare regimen other than the one for dry combination. My skin started to change as I became older and through the change in the season. I have reviewed oily skincare routine for Clinique here. 

Skincare routine for oily combination skin

  1. All about clean liquid facial soap oily skin formula 
  2.  Clarifying lotion type 3
  3.  Dramatically different gel
There is an introductory set for oily skin that allows you to try the skincare set and see results before making the commitment. 

Are you ready to make the commitment? There is a great set for skin type three called great skin everywhere for oilier skin

Skincare routine for oily skin

Clinique three step for Acne-prone skin

I started to get acne prone skin in the end of my high school years. I developed more acne as an adult. My acne was from moderate to more severe. Sometimes I needed was just a spot treatment and I used the clinical acne solutions spot treatment to treat those areas. Sometimes blackheads are present and I use the blackhead solutions self heating extractor to boost my treatment. I use the acne solutions clarifying lotion as a constant routine to effectively cleanse my skin. This is a constant part of my routine. I always go back to this clarifying lotion. I am almost done with my second bottle of the year. I need a lifetime supply of this bottle. I usually use the cleanser for oily skin with the clarifying lotion and moisture surge hydrator as this hydrator soothes my skin after treatment.

The acne solutions clear skin solution work together holistically to keep breakouts under control.

Try the cleanse skin, fresh start acne solutions set if you are curious but not ready to commit. 


My Clinique Routine + empties

The Clinique Acne solutions skincare routine is very customized and your skin changes through hormones, weather, time and stress. I will tell you about my skin. I get breakouts around my chin, my jawline and sometimes a spot or two on my cheek. I start to develop lines under my eyes and around my nose. I have texture on my cheeks as well as dryness on the cheeks. I have oiliness on the T zone and my face feels dirty throughout the day. I do have acne scarring on my chin as well. I would like to share with you my experience with my current Clinique empties and my experience now that I opened up to you about my skin. 

Clinique 7 Day scrub cream

7 day scrub
7 day scrub cream 

Clinique seven day scrub is a gentle creamy scrub that is good for sensitive skin. I barely feel the texture of the scrub. I helps renew my skin and sweeps sways the dead cells on my skin. The texture feels creamy on my skin. I do prefer the Clinique exfoliant scrub due to the more course texture and cooling feeling. 

Clinique Acne Solutions all about Cleanse facial soap for oily skin

Clinique all about clean cleanser
Clinique Cleanser for oily skin

Clinique Cleanser oily skin
Clinique cleanser

Oily skin cleanser Clinique

Clinique all about clean liquid facial soap for oily skin  is my go to cleanser for a refreshing cleanse that gives my skin a cooling feeling. My skin feels refreshed and renewed. The cooling effect is activated when I rinse off the cleanser. This is another Clinique product that I found myself replenishing often. 

Clinique Acne Solutions Clarifying lotion

Toner for acne prone skin
Acne Solutions Clarifying lotion

Acne Solutions clarifying lotion

Acne solutions three step solutions

Clinique Acne solutions clarifying lotion is a favorite skincare product. Shake and apply with a cotton round. I can see the dirt, makeup that cleansing has left behind. 

Clinique ID dramatically different hydrating clearing Jelly

Clinique ID clear solutions

Clinique ID clearing Jelly is the first item from the Clinique ID line that I tried. I want to love this product, I really do but the texture isn’t as pleasant as the other Clinique moisturizers. I would try this more with the lotion texture next time. This texture felt sticky on my hands and when first applied. I use another moisturizer after this making the feeling only temporary but the feeling on my hands stay leading me needing to wash my hands and moisturize afterwards. You would like this product if you like the Jelly texture. The Clinique ID comes in different moisturizer bases that you can try. I haven’t tried the BB moisturizer nor the tone up gel so I can’t share my experience on the texture. 

Clinique Dramatically Different Lotion 

Dramatically different moisturizing lotion

Clinique dramatically different lotion soothes my skin and absorbs as it leaves a smooth and silky feeling. My skin feels right after cleansing and using the clarifying lotion. My skin feels balanced after applying leaving it prepared for the next step in my skincare routine. This moisturizer is lightweight without leaving a greasy feeling.

Closing statements

My skin might have issues but I love my skin. I take care of it to keep it healthy and fresh. Clinique helps me reach that goal. I hope you enjoyed my Clinique skincare breakdown. 

I also have been listed on the feed spot skincare listing.

Tell me, what is your skin type and concerns?

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  1. Clinique has so many great skincare and makeup products. The Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion has been a holy grail of mine for years. Great review!

    1. I love the dramatically different lotion. Thank you for your comment, my friend.