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How to use the Nira Device

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Use on Cleanse, dry face. After you have done your cleansing steps. Pat dry your skin. You are ready to use your device. It only takes two minutes per session. Use the rest of your skincare device after you have finished using your Nira device. Use the Nira Device on the eye area on the skin and smooth out the texture of your skin after consistent use.

It's easy to get the device started. Hold the powder button for about a second until you see that lights. Test the top button to know what the rejection button look like. You will hear a double beep. That means you don't have your device positioned correctly. Reposition your device until you don't hear the quick beep sounds. A slow double beeping sound means that the device has correctly worked in the eye area and you can move the device over. 

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The Benefits of using the Nira Device

The benefits of Nira Device

Nira Laser Skincare device is clinically proven and FDA approved to visibly reduce lines and wrinkles from within your skin. See results at the comfort of your home within six week. See dramatic results in nine weeks. See the same results that you would see at a clinic with a fractions of the price. The Nira Device stimulates natural collagen production, smooth lines around my eyes and works on crows feet.

It's an investment on your skin that will last a lifetime. Can you commit to two minutes a day? Join me on my Nira Laser Skin device Journey and see the dramatic results in nine months. 

You save time, money and comfort by using this device and you gain more confidence. 

Start at the first level and build yourself up. You are not supposed to experience discomfort. Lower the level of your Nira Device if you experience any discomfort while using the Nira Device. 

The Science of the Nira Device

What are the benefits of Nira Device

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