ByTerry makeup review | ByTerry Paris Eyeshadow, Mascara and Beach Bomb Palette

ByTerry Makeup Review

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ByTerry Makeup Review

Hello! I hope that everyone is enjoying the beginning of May! Time has gone so quickly. I have been working studying Finals this past few weeks and reaching the end of my first Semester. I have taken all of my finals and I am excited to get all of my grades. I was nervous about online classes but it was a nice pace to be able to study and learn independently. I have learned something new about myself. I learned that I am a better independent learner. 

What I am more excited about is working more on my blog. I wanted to take a step back and get the feel of being a student for a while. I have been testing beauty products and sharing the products on my Instagram page. I excited to share with you my experience of using these products for a few months. 

I have found a new love and passion for the brand ByTerry! They have beautiful makeup that delivers and is high quality. I started with the Foundation and Concealer for a while and I fell in love with the way it feels, the hydration and skin loving ingredients. It felt like nothing was there on my face but my face looks radiant and flawless. I knew I had to add more to my collection! I added the new beach bomb palette, Paris VIP Eyeshadow and Lash-Expert Twist Brush mascara! There is nothing that has disappointed me from the ByTerry line. I love their complexion and color. I am excited to try their skincare one day! 

ByTerry Flatlay

Brightening CC Palette Beach Bomb and V.I.P. Expert Paris Mon Amour Palette

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By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Concealer and Hydra Foundation 

By Terry hyaluronic acid Foundation and Concealer

Both products have skincare loving ingredients that hydrates the skin with Hyaluronic Acid. I have talked about this ingredient several times. It has the benefit of holding moisture to the skin and rebuilding the moisture barrier. ByTerry has several products in their line that has Hyaluronic Acid. I am going to be talking about two products: Hyaluronic Hydra-Foundation SPF 30 and ByTerry Hyaluronic Hydra-Concealer

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Foundation

The Hydra-Foundation comes in a glass bottle and dispenses through a dropper. The texture is a liquid texture that blends into the skin effortlessly. It is a buildable coverage with a luminous matte finish and SPF 30. This foundation is for you if you enjoy a buildable coverage foundation that offers SPF, lightweight and is buildable. It finishes with a natural glow that dries naturally. It has Warm, Cool and Neutral undertones with six shades within each undertone. 

Shake the bottle before each use to mix in the oil and color together. Build the coverage with each drop. Two drops are good for sheer coverage, add more drops for each coverage. Add more drops to build the coverage. Six drops is the perfect amount for a full coverage. 

By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-Concealer

I fell in love with this concealer the first time I used it. It instantly hydrated my eyes within the first application. This concealer is 87% skincare based formula that acts as an eye cream. The texture is lightweight and feels thicker than the foundation. The packaging comes in a silver pen like shade that has a bottom click to dispense the concealer. One click is enough for both eyes. The first time I clicked to hard and hard more than enough so make sure you click the pen gently. The applicator is a soft brush that helps blend and apply the concealer to give it that soft application. I notice that it works great at softening my lines under my eyes. It resist creasing in that area and lasts all day. It doesn't have a drying effect afterwards nor does it cake or crease. 

The color range: It comes in Fair, medium and deep shades (two of each). Shades are: 100, 200, 300, 400, 500 and 600. 

By Terry Foundation and Concealer Swatches

100 Fair Concealer
200 C Cool Natural

By Terry Hyaluronic Acid Hydra-Concealer Applicator

By Terry Makeup Palettes

ByTerry Makeup

Brightening CC Palette Beach Bomb

ByTerry Beach Bomb

Beach Bomb is a beautiful Summer Limited Edition Palette to offer a glowy complexion that offers four gorgeous soft radiant colors that is perfect for the spring and summer seasons. What I love about this Palette is that it's versatile. It's an all over tool that can be used all over your face for a setting powder, highlighter, blush eyeshadows and bronzer. I like to mix the colors as well to create my own look. I like to put the top left color over my concealer to achieve a brightening affect under the eyes. The texture is soft and glides like silk. I felt the powders with my fingers and the texture is so smooth. 

The colors are great for highlighter, brightener and blush:
  • Bright Sand is an Illuminating shade that is great for highlighting the complexion
  • Peach Perfect is a warm summer shade for a perfect glowy blush or eyeshadow
  • Pink Sunset is a vivid pink blush for a rosy glow to warm the cheeks
  • Golden Bronze is a warm glowy bronzer to complement the shades to offer a warmth to the skin or can be used to contour the hollows of your face. 

By Terry Blush Palette

BYTerry Beach Bomb Palette

Beach Bomb from ByTerry

Beach Bomb ByTerry

ByTerry Blush

ByTerry  Blush

By Terry Beach Bomb Blush Swatches

ByTerry Blush Swatches
Beach bomb CC palette swatches

ByTerry Blush Swatches

ByTerry Swatches Blush

By Terry Eye Makeup

ByTerry Eye Makeup
By Terry Eye Makeup Collection

ByTerry Eyeshadow Makeup

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Lash-Expert Twist Brush Mascara

Lash Expert in action

This Lash-expert twist brush mascara is customizable with one twist: one twist for length and one for volume! I like to start of with lengthening my lashes first before adding volume. I continue to twist to the other side for a volumizing effect. I like items where I can customize and create. This mascara does not flake and it lasts all day looking fresh and ceases to fade or smudge. 

What I love is I don't have to use two different mascaras to create a volumizing and lengthening effect. It simplifies the application process and it's all in one package. It makes the routine faster. 

This mascara grabs the tiniest of my lashes in order to define each little lash. The color is also highly pigmented. It has jojoba, olive and avocado oil that helps conditions lashes to help promote growth. 

ByTerry Mascara

V.I.P. Expert Paris Mon Amour Palette

ByTerry EyeShadow

I have been eyeing this palette since it came out. It has been out for a while but I couldn't help but get it because I loved  the colors, the design and packaging! I adore pink shades and shimmery shades. It has a mixture of shades that shimmer and mattifying shades to create your perfect eye look for Paris! It has cute designs on each pan that displays the spirit of Paris and the Spirit of the brand. There are 10 shades that come in a pink metallic packaging that you can use to create several looks effortlessly from neutral to bold - day to night! 

The color is very pigmented and the buttery texture makes it easy to pack it on with your finger or a brush. It comes with it's own brush with two sides to use on different areas of your eyes. 

ByTerry Eye Makeup

Courtesy of 

"Limited Edition eyeshadow palette in pink metallic packaging highlighting Paris’ iconic skyline. BY TERRY’s Paris Mon Amour eyeshadows are perfect for achieving that effortless Parisian look – create a soft neutral look for every day or build up the colours for a more dramatic smoky eye. The palette features a mix of rusty pinks, flattering coppers and subtle browns. Includes a double-ended brush for easy application. A collector’s item or an ideal present.


Matte shades have been formulated with natural mica and sericite to deliver smooth and easy blending. Silica microparticles create a mattifying effect and premium pigments ensure long-lasting wear.

Creamy metallic shades are infused with talc for easy blending, pearlescent pigments for high impact colour and a unique binder system that gives the shades their incredibly creamy texture.


The creamy texture glides on effortlessly while the highly pigmented shades highlight your eyes in an effortless way, whether it’s a soft natural look or a bold dramatic smoky."

ByTerry ByTerryMakeup

Eyeshadow Colors Close-up

By Terry Paris V.I.P colors
Which colors do you think I like the best?

By Terry VIP Terry
Eyeshadow makeup packaging 

ByTerry Eyeshadows

BY Terry V.I.P. Paris Eyeshadow Swatches

Makeup Swatches

ByTerry Swatches Paris

By Terry Eyeshadow Looks

ByTerry Makeup Eyeshadow

BYTerry Eyeshadow Application

ByTerry Makeup Color

ByTerry Makeup Application

ByTerry Makeup Look in action

ByTerry EyeShadow
ByTerry Eyeshadow Color Applied 

By Terry Makeup Look
ByTerry Eyeshadow Collection 

ByTerry Funny Makeup Flatlay


I hope that you enjoy the look and my swatches and reviews of the ByTerry Makeup products. I have tried these products several different times in order to get a real feeling how these products deliver in terms of results and longevity. 

More to come soon and please stay tuned for my newness for the blog. Big things are coming soon. Please follow my instagram that I update daily.

Thank you, Truly for reading my review! 💋

ByTerry Makeup Palettes 


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