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Beauty Look - Bronzed Glow

Natasha Denona Makeup Flatlay

Hello, I hope you are doing well and stayed safe during the current storms. I live in Texas and we barely see snow. It was a change for us but we are Texans so we survive whatever is thrown at us.  Welcome to March! I am working on my studies online and I am grateful that I have managed to stay on track on all of my classes. I have found my passion with my blog and my studies. I am lucky to be able to work on things I love. I have so many new updates going on the blog that I cannot wait to share with you. 

There are so many things I am working on with beauty, skincare fashion and health! I have grown so much since I first started my blog. I have started out without wanting to show myself and I can't get enough of showing myself in the blog. 

Spring is coming into play as we are waiting warm weather and glowing days. This has inspired me to create a makeup look with a brand that I have been drooling over. Natasha Denona is a brand that I have been lusting over for some time. I have built my collection so that I can show you a bronzed glow look to celebrate the coming Spring season. I will continue to grow my Natasha Denona Collection to showcase on my blog. 

I have been able to collect some beautiful products from Natasha Denona's makeup collection:
I have been testing these products for a while. The eyeshadow I have for a while and I love that they have created mini shadows and made them so versatile. This look is for those who love makeup that creates that beautiful glow of highlight. I find myself more attracted to makeup that glow. 

Swatches of Natasha Denona Makeup

Make Swatches of Natasha Denona Face Makeup

Natasha Denona Swatches in Different light

Top: Shimmer Body Powder in Dark
Middle: Face Glow in Cream Shimmer
Bottom: Body Glow

Natasha Denona Face Makeup Blended

Makeup Color Swatches

Natasha Denona Body Glow

I love products that are versatile because they allow me to use them in many different ways and create several different looks. I chose the dark shade because I want to create a bronzy glow to enhance my features. You can build up the color to create a more intense color. It comes with a pump where you dispense the product into your hand. I like to mix the product with a moisturizer to create a hydrating glow.  

It's normal for our skin to become darker during the Spring and Summer seasons. Our foundations becomes too light during these times. I like to mix this with my foundation to fit more into my skin. The color intensity can be customized starting off with very little and build up until the desired shade is reached. 

Natasha Denona Body Glow

The color does have a beautiful glow. I love makeup that creates a shimmery glow

Glowing body glow

  • This Natasha Denona Body glow mixed with lotion can create a hydrating bronze glow. You can see the pearlescent glow in the drop  
Natasha Denona Body Glow Color Swatch

Blended out on the arms. The color is added with one layer! 

Natasha Denona Shimmer Body Powder

I love to build and add layers to my regimen. This color comes in three different shades: light, medium and dark. The shade I have is medium. I am a shade light so I chose one shade darker to create the bronzy glow. This is the last step to set it all in and intensify my glow. It's applies effortlessly to achieve more definition. It goes a long way and creates pigmented colors. 

This powder is soft and gentle. I use different brushing and application techniques to create the desired look. It's buildable to make customizing easier. I use a soft, fluffy brush when I want a natural and warm glow and where it alone. The powder applies ever so effortlessly. 

I use a short densely packed brush to create a more intense color payoff and tap it in my desired areas. This powder has shimmery shades that will emit a higher color payoff. 
Natasha Denona Shimmer Powder
The color emits a  an iridescent glow like the light is shining 

Natasha Denona Face Cream Shimmer Highlighter

The Natasha Denona cream highlighter has a creamy texture that glides on and blends into the skin to create a shimmer to help define the top of the cheeks. I even wear this color by itself to give my face a glow when I am not wearing any other makeup for an on the go glow. The color is easy to blend and gives a dewy glow. 

You can create a more dewy glow if you mix this with your favorite gel moisturizer. Place the moisturizer on the palm of your hands and apply in on your cheekbones. 

I also like to use this as an layering too if I desire to cream a more enhanced glow by applying a powder highlighter on top. I gently tap it on top of the blended cream highlighting stick. 

Cream Highlighter Swatches

Natasha Denona Highlighter swatches

The color is more of a beautiful champagne color. I added an intense swatch color better so you can see the color and undertone more closely. 

The color payoff in action 

Natasha Denona Highlighter blended
The creamy highlighting stick is lightweight and feels like my own skin after blending. It appears bold when first applied but blends with the skin that creates a radiance that illuminates a beautiful glow within. 

Natasha Denona Eye Shadow Palette 

Natasha Denona Eye Shadow Swatches

Natasha Denona Eyeshadow swatches

I love that Natasha Denona has miniature eyeshadow palettes. I love the big shadows but the smaller palettes makes is easy for those trying out the line discover the colors easier.  The Natasha Denona has several different palettes. I was excited when I received this eyeshadow part of my boxy charm subscription. You never know what you are going to get when you open your monthly subscription.

This palette is a beautiful palette that creates color of the sun with it's beautiful ember shades and shimmery sunset shades. The palette comes in matte, creamy and shimmery colors. 

The Eyes swatches on eyes

Below shows the eyeshadow colors in action. I start off with the lightest color all over to create a soft canvas preparing the eyes for the rest of the colors. 

Color: Aya 
Matte Finish

Color: Jasper
Matte Finish

Color: Thorn
matte finish

Color: Amhara
Medium Warm

Color: shine
Metallic Shimmer

The makeup look all together in action


I hope that you enjoy the whole look in action on my instagram reel. Be sure to follow me on instagram to stay up to date with future blogs, makeup obsessions and other updates. 

More exciting updates are coming! It's fun playing with makeup and showing you how I like to create these looks with my latest beauty collections. 

Most of my Natasha Denona makeup I received from Boxycharm, BoxyCharm Popup and BoxyCharm Addon. They have great deals for a fraction of the price. You can participate in their popup and add-on when you are subscribed to their monthly subscription for only $25 for five full size products.

*this blog contains affiliate links. I will make commission if you click on these links but all thoughts are my own. 

Tell me, what is your favorite way to wear a highlighter? 

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