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Beauty Updates

I have so many things coming up for my beauty blog and so many new beauty updates! I remember I was too shy when I started my beauty blog now I have more confidence to show my face! This blog has helped me become more confident and also tap into my creative side! My favorite look is a glowing, romantic makeup look. 
  1. Boxy charm
  2. Past and Present Makeup Looks
  3. Natasha Denona Bronze Glow look 
  4. Coco and Eve - Bronzer
  5. Skincare of the Week
  6. Accessories and Fashion

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Boxy Charm

Boxy Charm Unboxing
I am such a huge fan of the Boxy Charm subscription box! It has so many great beauty products! Five full size products for only $25! My little not so secret is that this is where I get most of my beauty products to review! I will review January's subscription this week. I will show you makeup swatches and reviews so you can the makeup swatches in different lights.

⏬⏬My last makeup Look⏬⏬

I had fun creating this look a couple of weeks ago. It was a Valentines Day look with a romantic vibe. It was a quick look that only took five minutes.

Next beauty Demonstration - Natasha Denona

Natasha Denona Makeup Demonstration

Natasha Denona has become a new favorite of my. I have lusted over this makeup line for a while and finally splurged on the makeup. I wanted to show you my first experience with the whole look...the bronze glow look! It has the ever so popular body glow! I am excited to show you how it makes me glow!

Coco and Eve

Coco and Eve beauty body bronzer

I have joined the Coco And Eve Affiliate Program

I was gifted this bronzer kit from Coco and Eve. Thank you, Coco and Eve. I have always been pale complexion. It what makes me beautiful, but I wanted to try a bronzer and I heard so many great things about Coco and Eve! I will also exfoliate with Frank Body exfoliator!

Skincare Favorites

Glow Recipe Review

Look out for my weekly skincare favorites and what I can't get enough of this week. My skin changes so the needs has changed as well and I will share with you my new favorite. 

Fashion updates

My latest fashion and accessory style

My outfit of the week, fashion inspirations, and newest accessories will be featured in my blog this week. I have collected new outfits after the Holidays and accessories. Find out which one I will wear this week. 

I hope you enjoyed seeing what's coming this week on my beauty blog. Please let me know if there is anything that you would like to see. Enjoy your week! 

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