Essentials for a new kitten

 I adopted a beautiful black kitten three months ago and I had two weeks to prepare for her. She was my first cat in ten years since my last kitty died. I had two and a half weeks to prep for her and I wanted to spoil the royal princess and make everything perfect. 

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She was going to be two months and still be just a baby. I wanted to wait until she was two months old so she could develop enough on her mother's milk and nutrition before I take her away. 

I bought most of my stuff at They're amazing and have great customer service. They respond fast, gives great and are attentive. They make everything right if a product isn't working out and will guide you to something better. The litter didn't work out because she was trying to eat it and they recommend me something else. They were caring about my needs.

I knew I had to prepare for the times I would leave her by herself when I would have to go to work. So I shopped for an extra side list to help her out that will help her out when she is home alone. I got the automatic feeder that had an icepak underneath to keep her wet food fresh.

Food, food bowls, placemat, water bowels and treats. 

Her nutrition is very important so I got the kitten formula of both soft and hard cat food. I got several different formulas and texture to find the one that works best for her. Her favorite are the royal canin. They are expensive but it'sworth it for her health. The royal princess has spoken. She eats better if the soft cat food and hard catfood are separate. I tried several different ways and that was the perfect texturefor her palate.  She eats soft catfood twice and I leave the hard cat food out for her out for her at night. She loves all of the juices. She has her own feeding station in her own room. 

It's imperative to have the litter box on one side and her feeding station on the other side or she won't eat or do her business in her litter if it's too far away. Usually kittens dont drink too much water so the wet food makes up for the loss of liquids from not drinking enough water. Later I got her a waterfall when she became bigger. The flow of the water attracts them to drink.

I also started to have a water bowl in each room for her to enjoy. She plays hard in each room and it keeps her happy. I have to fill up each bowl often. This girl drinks more water than me.

She didn't understood treats at first. She would eat them when they were presented to her face but she wouldn't run excited when I would shake the bag. I had a treat puzzle for her from CatIT and she would not pay attention to it at first. She was just too young. Once she grew up I can see that she has taken a liking to treats once she started digging through an empty catit treat puzzle. She knew exactly what to do with those and she started to want her treats. Shaking her treats didn't work for her at first so I had to search and know her hiding spots to find her. Now I shake her favorite treats, temptations, and she comes running.

Pet beds, per carrier and blankets. 

She loves the feeling of the fuzzy texture that her blankets and beds have. The princess deserves the best. Her favorite blanket is her soft fuzzy pink one. She buries her face into it, digs her paws and starts purring really loud because it gives her comfort like when she was with her mom when she was just a baby. Her favorite bed was the pink one with the fuzzy ball. She loves to to hit the ball. Her daddy picked up that one at petsmart.

Toys, leash/harness and grooming supplies

I had to keep her entertained throughout the day and she loves to play. I got several interactive toys. I bought her a play pin that she enjoy so much. She climbs up it, runs inside and loves to go through the tunnel to get inside. She loves that tunnel and enjoys when I use one of her string toys in the middle so she can jump in the middle. I went through several different brushes before I found the right one that she likes and could tolerate. She doesn't like the hard bristles. She likes the rubber brush because it feels like a massage.  It's so easy to give her a bath. It feels like a massage and I make sure I am consistent so it's not any trouble bathing her. I had to bathe her more when she was younger because she didn't bathe herself more. She becomes so relaxed after a bath and sleeps in her royal throne after a bath and would snuggle in her favorite blanket.

Litter box, litter genie, litter, scoop, deodorizer 

I was nervous that the first day I I haven't seen her do her business. It was normal being the first day in her new environment.  She finally did her business, so I scooped it up, put it in the litter box and I placed her in the litter box. She immediately covered her business.  I then scooped it in the litter genie. This stuff is amazing. You can go two weeks before you have to empty it. I just put deodorizer in it, spray disinfectant around it and stick an air freshener on top of the inside of the lid. Baking soda is your friend. I also give the litter genie a wipe after hiding her business. What do I love the most about the litter genie? I love that it's a timesaver and its convenient.  Yes you can scoop the poop in a small trash bag each time but the smell will be exposed to the air. The seven layer bag hides the scent. You can just empty it out on trash day and you only have to do it once a month. I like to place the bottom of the bag inside a grocery bag so it doesn't touch the base and also put an absorbent pad on the bottom and place my favorite essential oils on the pad. I love my baby but her business does not smell good at all so I have to take extra measures to keep the smell at bay. 

She made her mistakes and it would be hard to keep her from going back because it has her scent in the spot. I would first remove the mistake and clean it with peroxide, vinegar, and dawn dish soap. Be careful with these ingredients together. Wear gloves and don't breathe in the cleaning ingredients and be careful that it can possibly ruin the area so use your with please. A good enzyme cleaner will help afterwards. let it soak in the spot after wiping away the first cleaning ingredients.  

I use the breeze system and it turns out to be perfect. At first I was going to stop from using the pebbles but she wanted to try to eat them when I would first try to put them in there. I would have to take her out and distract her with toys. She would not try to eat them once it had her scent in the litter. Using litter attractant helps. She doesn't see the litter as something to chew anymore but she does see it as a toy if one oebble falls out of the litter box. I just put it back in and she forgets about it being a toy. I dont smell her urine at all because it goes through the pebbles and down to the bottom of the breeze pads. I place baking soda on top of the pads to absorb in the smell better. I give her a treat each time I see her use her business in the right spot to affirm good behavior so she doesn't stay away. The breeze system comes with every thing you need for a month and coupons to replace the pads and litter. Once I decided that this was the litter for her, I bought her a second one because you should have one extra litter box for each cat you have. If you have one cat, get two boxes. Get three boxes if you have two cats and so forth. I clean the box thoroughly once a week and the spring in some litter attractant in the litter.

I am all set for my daughter and I will buy more to spoil the royal princess.  


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