International Cat Day 2022

International Cat Day 2022

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The day that she chose me

Cat window Sill

International cat day, also known as World Cat day, is a day to Cherish your feline fur babies in your life. It’s also a time to think about a time to think about the cats that need forever homes.

Baby kitten first day
The day that she came home to me

My baby came at a great time in my life. I feel like she saved and inspired me. I never really opened up about it but it was the hardest time of my life. I felt alone and she was there to show me love, to be happy and to show me that she needed me almost as much as I needed her. She chose me that day. She was the only kitten out of the litter that slept with me and I felt a special bond at that moment. 

I think that is why I love to spoil her so much. It’s a way of taking care of her and showing her gratitude. I posted a blog post about how to shop for your new cat when I first started my blog. Now I am going to expand more on that and how I continue to spoil her. This can be a guide to help to get read for your new Feline. 

WARNING: I spoil her a lot and she had a lot of toys. You will see that I go over the top. It is not necessary to go overboard as I do but you will be able to tell the essentials. For example, four cat trees and three cat fountains are not necessary. 

Places to shop for your cat

There are three main places I shop for my cat. They are convenient, great prices and great customer service. These places have certain essentials that has the most benefits while the other place carry other items better. For example, chewy is a great place to renew her food while Amazon can be great for toys and water fountains.

Chewy shopping for my cat

I shopped at chewy the moment I knew I was taking her home. I shopped for all of her essentials here and got everything I needed to keep her happy when she first came home. They have great customer service and they even send her a birthday card to wish her a happy birthday, March 31st.

PetSmart shopping for my Cat

I take her here after her vet visit to get her favorite treats and a toy. I like this place because I can bring her in here. I also take her for her shots which is only $99 for the whole package.

Amazon for cats

Amazon is convenient to shop for cat fountains, get her Davy toys restocked, and to shop for the extra items to spoil her. It’s convenient with Amazon prime. I ordered her Royal Canin indoor dry cat food and it came the same day. 

Cat Trees and cat Play areas

I keep a little play area in a couple of rooms that we hang out in to keep her active and playing. She is an inside cat 100% so I want to make sure that I keep her active and choices to play with. 

Best cat trees for your cat
Cat Playing on tree

Top cat trees 2022

You can see the cat tree in the background 

Create a relaxing atmosphere for your cat

She sometimes lets me hold her and falls asleep in my arms

I make sure that she has an area to relax in every room. She has a bed on the bed where I sleep and she loves to fall asleep in that bed every night by my feet’s. She also loves soft blankets that are fuzzy to snuggle on top of them. Sometimes she evens kneads biscuits on top of the blanket and purrs. She has a blanket that I got from PetSmart that she loves to cuddle. I even got her a small square that I found on Amazon that she likes to lay on as well to stay warm.

In her cat bed sleeping peacefully 

Loving on her blanket

Snuggling on her toy

Just waking up and looking mad because I woke her

Laying on a soft blanket 

Close up of her sleeping 

Window sills for cats

I was able to find the right window sills for her after a few trial and error. A major issue I had with finding window sills was the suction cups would not stay or the plastic broke. Make sure the you clean the window, rub alcohol on it and wet the suction cup in order to keep them sticking. I had these for months and there are no issues with the plastic breaking or the suction cup falling. 

Relaxing on her window sill

Soaking in on the Sun on her window sill

Cat treats to show them that you appreciate them

Looking excited and about to jump up to her treat station and enjoy some treats

Cats love their treats! My girl will eat up every crum and will show excitement when anyone walks past her treat station. I give her treats at the same area of her cat tree. She is will stand at that area and beg for treats when we walk by but we never feed her more than recommended. Speak to your vet and follow directions on the packaging about recommended treats. I put her treats on a plastic surface so she doesn’t eat any of the fuzzy material from the cat tree.

Treatibles treats for cats*

Treatibles soft chews for cats

Treatibles Full Spectrum Hemp Oil is what she is currently using from this line.  She loved the way they smell. I was kindly sent a package of these for her to try and she became excited when I first open the box. She was smelling it and wanted to open the package. 

The texture is soft in consistency for those that prefer a more gentle chew. They contain full spectrum Hemp CND oil, catnip leaf powder, turmeric, papain and bromelain. It is recommended to give 1 chewable for every 10lb of your cat’s weight. 

I observe her to make sure that she is fine after giving her the treatibles treats. She eats them in more stressful situations such as pet visits, when we are having visitors or someone is coming to do maintenance work on the house. 

Treatibles are good if you are trying to help your cat adapt to a new situation. It could be a new home, new pet, or even getting new furniture.

Temptation Cat Treats
The temptation cat treats are treats that I give her every day. She loves the shrimp flavor more than any flavor. These are hard to find for some reason. I give her two at a time about 2-3 times a day. The packaging says I can give her up to 10 but you know your cat and what they need. It’s a guidance for the maximum amount. She tries to trick me and her dad into giving her more but we communicate with each other how much we give her. 

Food essentials for your cat

I have fed my cat Royal Canin soft cat food since she was a kitten. She wakes daddy up every morning around 5:45 asking for her wet cat food. She knows better than to wake up mommy. Haha 😂! I honestly don’t know why she doesn’t wake me up. Sometimes her daddy wakes me up if he is too tired but she passes me up to wake me up. We even switched spots and she still goes to him. I buy the big pack of Royal Canin to keep a stock. Talk to your vet when trying to change your cat’s diet. I am feeding her based on vet recommendations and approval.

Royal Canin Soft Cat food

The royal Canin Soft Cat Food is what my cat eats the most. I do rotate it between other cat foods to make sure she doesn’t get tired of the same flavor. I get the Royal Canin Adult instinctive 24 pack and one can lasts me all day because I give her one small scoop three times a day. She missed her Royal Canin when it was out of stock. Chewy was always the first to get it back and they were there for Penelope to make sure she got her favorite food again. They were low in supplies but it looks like they are getting it back. Her bowl is locked clean every time she is served this food. 

Royal Canin indoor dry cat food 

She also eats the Royal Canin indoor dry cat food on a raised bowl so that she doesn’t have to lean down when she eats. It’s more comfortable for her. I keep her kibble at her feeding station next to some water. 

Keep your cat hydrated with a water fountain 

I use stainless steel because it’s safer, easier to clean and keep the bacteria from formulating. Do you ever see pink stuff or feel slime on your bowls. I used to get the plastic and just recently purchased the stainless steel water fountain. I wish I have done this sooner. 

Hubee Pet Food Container *

Hubee Pet food container can hold up to 22 lbs of cat food to keep it fresh. It’s an airtight storage container that you can use for rice  or cat food / dog food to keep it fresh. It’s made with silicone to keep it air tight. The measuring cup makes it easy to measure a portion. 

Keep your area clean from cat mess with Sprinkle and Sweep

Sprinkle and Sweep*

Sprinkle and Sweep is a lifesaver when she makes a mess to keep her from going back. She has four litter boxes that she can use. Yes, four! I know I go overboard. She still occasionally makes a mess when she gets startled. This product makes cleanup easier. You sprinkle some on the floor and allow it to soak it up and sweep it away. This solidifies any liquid mess that occurs and removes the odor to create an odor free environment. I also sprinkle some in my trash can. It also states that you can use this for any liquid mess, such as a spilled egg. It’s good for any animal mess. 

Cat Toys to keep them active 

She has her favorite toys that she loves to play with. The funny thing is that I spend so much for these high tech toys but she loves the less expensive toys. Her top toys are under $5 and I got them from Amazon. There is one toy that is $20 that she loves. It’s a feather that twirls for a few minutes and she begs to play with it by standing by it and meowing so that we turn it on.

Her favorite toy is less than $2. She goes crazy and jumps and flies as she is playing with it. We make sure she is supervised playing with the toy as the stick can poke her. She loves to chew at the ends and can lead to injury if she chews them up unsupervised. We throw it away and get a new one if we notice that the ends are falling off. We keep this in a locked closet that she cannot get into or open.  This is a great toy to play with your cat and see you cat do do tricks and should be played supervised only. Also make sure that you leave room for your cat to jump around as they will flip for this toy without caring how they land.

Another toy that she loves playing with are the springs. They excite her when she sees me bringing on our and she runs all over the place with them. She loses them so easily. They do have a small 12 pack for 4.99 but I get the 60 pack for 8.99 because she loves them so much and loses them. 

SmartyCat electric cat toy to keep your cat active

She fell in love with this toy. She gets so excited when it’s activated. I have one in her playpen and a tunnel attached to the entrance. She hides in the tunnel as she is sneaking up on her prey and she attacks it. She turns around and attacks her prey again. My only complaint about this is it doesn’t stay on too long. 

CatladyBox to treat the Cat and the Cat Mom

The CatLadyBox is so cute! They also treat the cat mom with items that has surprises for the Cat mom in addition to gifts for you kitty. There are cat theme decorations, shirts, mugs, towels and so much more. Each month is curated by a theme to show the love for the cat mom because you deserve to be spoiled. Don’t worry, there are fun toys for your cat as well! 

What comes in the cat lady box?

The Cat Lady box has cat surprises for the cat lady to show off their love of cats such as shirts, mugs, decorations and jewelry. There are also fun toys for their special feline. 

Is the cat lady box worth it?

The cost of the individual items vs. the whole box itself is worth the price of subscription. There are two options with the box: 34.99 or 39.99. The first option, 34.99, comes with 3-4 item for you but no gift for the cat. The second item, $39.99, comes with 3-4 items for you plus two items for your cat. The items in the box are definitely worth the price. The value of some of the items in the past box are definitely worth getting the box. There are so many items on the list I want to get. 

Other ways to celebrate international cat day

In addition to showing your cat love, you can show love to other cats in need. I used to go to the shelters and show them love. I have adopted a couple of cats in the past. Stop by your local shelter and ask them how you can have. Find some legitimate cat charities and donate when you can.

I am grateful for my cat and I show her love every day. 

*Some items were given for editorial consideration but all opinions are mine. This blog contains affiliate links. I will make a commission if you make a purchase clicking on one of these links.

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