Shopping for the Royal Princess


Everyone who knows me knows that I love my fur baby. I was there when she was born and I played with her until she was ready to be adopted. She is the apple of my eyes.

I am addicted to shopping for her. I spend thousands for her on chewy and I only use the best products for the royal princess.  

Look at her enjoying her spoils.

So cute

I even bought her a Halloween collar on Amazon

She thinks this blanket is her mom. A cooling blanket helps cools her down during the hot summer time.

Loves this toy

Her new toy she loves so much.
It was a under five. 
They usually rather play with the lower price toys

She cant get enough

She loves the windows. She would destruct the blinds. It's her new sleeping spot. It's easy to install and holds strong at the window.

She looks so peaceful. 

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