My night time skincare routine

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Night skincare regimen

Warning: This blog does show all of the possible steps you can partake in your night time skincare regimen but you are not meant to do all of these every night. It is based on your current skincare needs. Doing all of these steps could cause irritation. Learn about your skin, your skincare goals in order to determine what steps you should take that night. Some nights will have more extensive steps while some will only have 1, 2 or 3 steps. Do not overwhelm yourself with all of these steps.

Did you know that you skin reparative system is activated at night? Yes, your skin repairs itself at night while you are sleeping. That is when you will receive optimal results. This is when I use more targeted treatments, face masks and overnight masks. Generally, night creams and night serums are more creamier than the day creams. 

Your night time regimen will be customized based on your skincare needs. Your needs will be different every night. You might need to concentrate on your dark spots, your dry skin, uneven texture.

This is your luxury moment to boost your skin and mood. Indulge in your skin and treat yourself to mini spa moment every night. Your skin will thank you and you will wake up to smooth, silky skin.

Makeup remover

Have you heard of double cleansing. Double cleansing is using a makeup remover before your cleanser so that you will remove all of those makeup that stands in the way of your cleansers. There are oil based makeup removers, wipes and balms. 

My favorite makeup removers are the Clinique take the day off balm. It melts into your hands as you rub it together. You place the remover on your face and easily tissue the makeup remover off of your face. Clinique is a good brand. It's hypoallergenic and clinically tested. 

Another good one is the Estee Lauder Advanced night repair balm. It has antioxidants and calming ingredients that is added for a night skin care regimen. You add water to the balm to create a foaming effect.

Another favorite is the Elizabeth Arden Oil based cleanser. It easily rinses of your makeup and it double as a cleanser and makeup remover simplifying your cleaning regimen. This has the benefits of the Ceramides that helps build your lipids that strengthen your moisture barrier.

Face Cleansers / Face scrubs

Your cleaning regimen is customized based on your your skin needs. There are cleansers for dry skin, oily skin and combination skin. They even have gentle cleansers for those with sensitive skin. There are even anti-aging cleansers. If you need a deeper cleanse than usual, there are also antioxidant and purifying cleansers. My favorite way to use a cleanser, especially foaming cleansers, is to apply it to dry face and then activate the cleanser by adding water.

A good cleansing boost is the brush cleanser that gives your cleansing step a deeper cleansing boost. It helps pull out the dirt and sweep away impurities with the help of the pulsation of the brush. It is best to use a foaming cleanser with this brush to help the brush glide better. The bumps on your skin, your oily skin and breaks out are caused by excess build up of toxins, oil and dirt. The boosting brush will help pull out the oil, dirt and toxins that has built up over time. 

The face scrubs will help exfoliate and remove the dead skin. People who are dry, have bumps or discolorations will benefit from the face scrub. WARNING: Do not use a face scrub and cleansing brush in the same day. This will cause too much pull of the skin and irritation. Also, using a scrub with certain treatment serums can cause irritation. You do not use a face scrub everyday of the week. You use it 2-3 times a week based on your needs. 

My favorite scrub is the ST. Ives Fresh skin avocado scrub. I always go back to this scrub. It has more of a course feeling which feels like a massage. My face feels nice and refreshed. I have used this face scrub  when I was 11 and I always enjoy it. This tube lasts me a long time. This has an amazing intense scrub to my face. 

Clinique also has great scrubs. Clinique customers needs a more gentle scrub. When I first worked at Clinique years ago, they had two different scrubs: the exfoliant scrub (more course) and the 7 day scrub which is more gentle. The exfoliant scrub is good for oily skin and has a more intense scrub. It has a refreshing, cooling feeling that feels so nice just like the cleanser for oily skin. I love the feeling it has. If you have more oily skin, you can use the 7 day scrub which is so gentle you can use it for 7 days. I would still stick to the 2-3 days especially for beginners. I like to use this scrub on my lips to help get rid of the dead skin. 

Now Clinique has scrubs formulated for blacks heads and they have this two in one face scrub and face mask, the City block purifying charcoal mask. It's amazing! You leave it on and the color will start to change once it times to rinse off. It will exfoliate your skin while you are rinsing off your skin so you are doing a 2-in-1 face mask scrub step to simplifying your cleaning regimen. 

Face mask

Face masks

There are different kinds of face masks on the market: face masks for cleaning/purifying, for anti-aging, for dark spots, dry skin, skin renewing. There face masks in liquid form, cream form or sheet face masks. Using the mask is based on your skincare needs and is a booster to your current night time regimen. Check out my list of favorite face mask I have listed on my other post for recommendations.


Toners gives your skin a cleansing boost. They sweep away the build up of dirt, oil and debris that your cleanser left behind. It will also pick up the extra makeup. There are also gentle toners that are alcohol free available. My favorite are the Clinique's Clarifying lotion 1.0. Clinique calls their products Clarifying lotions because toners balance out your PH levels while toners help exfoliate and renew your skin.

Essence Lotions

Essence lotions have become popular these days. They help hold onto moisture of your skin longer so your moisture will hold on longer than using it alone. It helps rebuild your moisture barrier and gives your skin a healthy glow. The essence will help activate your skin so it will start it repair process. My favorite essence lotion is the Estee Lauder Micro Essence. It gives your skin an angelic glow and makes your skin supple and absorbs in your serum. You can feel the difference when you apply the serum with the essence vs. without the essence lotion. My left hand feels softer and it absorbs in better while the other hand feels stick and the serum just sits on top of the hand. It feels smoother and softer. My hand glides better 

Targeted treatment serums

My favorite step is choosing the right serum for my needs. Questions to ask yourself: what are your skincare goals? What is your concerns? Is your skin sensitive? Do you have more than what concern? First ask yourself what is your current concern that you want to work on the most? Current pre-serums has activated ingredients, such as retinol (for lines, texture and uneven skin tone) to boost your renewal process that help your dead skin to peel off, Vitamin C ( for brightness and dark spots), or hyaluronic acid to help with moisture retaining. 

Favorite Serums:

  1. Advanced Night repair: this is the top selling serum. It addresses all signs of serum and this is the first serum created. It will help rebuild your moisture barrier as well as help with lines, wrinkles, uneven skin tone, build radiance. Collagen will be boosted and your skin will be strengthen. 
  2. Clinique smart: Clinique is a on demand activated anti-aging serum that addresses all signs of aging. It knows what you need repaired and where you need it. If you have lines that needs to be repaired in a certain area, it will repair the lines of that area. Do you have uneven skin tone on your chin. The repairing process will be activated to even out the skin tone. Your skin will be repaired by 50% in 12 weeks. 
  3. Genifique: The Genifique will give your skin youthful radiance in seven days. You feel a difference in the way your skin feels immediately after applying. Genifique has 10 benefits: the longer you use it, the more will start to show. First, you will see 

Eye care

The eye area is the first part of your face that you see aging. It produces less oils, it is thinner and more delicate. Therefore, the formula for the eye area is different. The texture is thicker and it has ingredients that will be more gentle for the eyes. Make sure that you pat in your eye serum or moisturizer or you can potentially tug on the skin and produce more wrinkles.  The eye area is delicate. You don't want to irritate it by pulling on the area by rubbing in your eye product.  Tap it in gently with your ring finger 



They help seal in your skincare regimen and boost your regimen. The night moisturizer is thicker and richer than the day. The serum is more of the repairing process while booster moisturizer will moisturize and seal it all in. You will need a moisturizer even if you skin is oily because your skin will overcompensate by not having a moisturizer by making it more oily.

Night cream

Regular Regimen:

Your every night regimen is not as complicated as you think of these. There are add on steps used to boost your skin when it needs it. The following are the steps to take to get the best so you can see how simplified the night regimen can be. 
  1. Makeup remover
  2. Cleaner
  3. Face Scrub: once or twice a week
  4. toner
  5. Essence
  6. eye serum / eye cream
  7. Serum
  8. moisturizer
  9. Face oil
The extra items such as face mask, scrubs and pre serums can be added as needed. 

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