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I was sent this portrait from Crown and Paw as PR

Are you looking for a fun, customizable gift for your pet that forever cherishes your beloved pet? Our pets are like our family - Crown and Paw allows you to Cherish them forever. Crown and Paw is a fun and unique gift for any pet lover that allows you to implement your pet into any situation. There are many choices to choose from. 

One thing about me is that I love spoiling my Cat, Penelope. I have spoiled her when we were preparing for her arrival. She was born during lockdown and I was able to connect with her before she was ready to be adopted. I even shared about how I showed my appreciation on international cat day

Me and my Fiancé has talked about getting a portrait for Penelope so we can always cherish her memory. Crown and Paw contacted me to Paint a portrait of Penelope - this would be a perfect addition to Penelope’s collection. I allowed my Fiancé to choose the design of his choice and choose the location to make him feel engaged and feel just as involved. 

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He is a proud cat dad just as much as I am a proud cat mom. she decided to go through the comedic route and chose the cat using the litter box. He even chose the location in the bathroom where we keep one of her litter boxes as it goes with the theme of the photo. I waited until he came home to unbox the portrait so that he can enjoy the experience of unboxing. 

What I didn’t expect was Penelope to partake and enjoy the unboxing experience as well. She immediately jumped on the table when we were doing the unboxing. 

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How long does it take to get crown and Paw?

First, it takes a couple of days to give them the right photo as they want to make sure that portrait is the highest quality. The site states that it takes 2-5 days to make the portrait after the right photo is chosen to complete and ship out the product. The site also states that shipping can take two weeks to arrive. 

How does Crown and Paw Work?

The process is to ensure that you are happy and given the highest quality in the portrait. First you send a few photos and they will let you know if they can use any of the photos. They will ask for more photos if needed. They will show you the prototype and ask for approval before sending in the order to be created because they want it to be perfect for you. 

Crown and Paw uses proprietary design techniques, transformative photo retouching and professional blending process to create your special customized portrait.

Who will enjoy Crown and Paw?

Crown and Paw is perfect for any pet lover, pet parent or anyone who wants to cherish their beloved pet or anyone who wants to gift a unique gift to any pet lover. Shop below to gift a lasting memory that will last a lifetime. 

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