Back to school shopping guide

Back to school essentials for college

Get ready with me Makeup

Final makeup look

It can take a lot to prepare for back to school: planning, shopping and organizing. It can be hectic whether you are just starting college or going back. 

Back to school Beauty Essentials 

Having a makeup wardrobe for a flawless look is imperative. My recommendation will be great for an easy and quick makeup application.

Charlotte Tilbury*

I am a Charlotte Tilbury Magic beauty ambassador and I have been sent free makeup as a member of the magic beauty star. I have purchased several items before joining the ambassador program because I love the brand. I have a discount code for you to use to save 15% - feliceFA0G1. I make commission if you use my code.

Charlotte Tilbury pillow talk

My Charlotte Tilbury recommendations

I could recommend you a whole list of my favorite Charlotte Tilbury products. I will cut it short to top three!
  • Hollywood flawless filter - I love this product. This is a top beauty product of mine. It gives a flawless glow a makeup product that I can’t do without.
  • Pillow talk - this color is so iconic - I love the eyeshadows , lipstick and blush. It create a luxurious monochromatic look
  • Beautiful skin foundation- this is one my favorite foundations! It gives a natural glow and perfect coverage 

Rare Beauty

I was recently invited to join the Rare Beauty Collective. I feel blessed to be part of such an amazing community. They gifted me this welcome gift. I couldn’t go without sharing this bag and essentials perfect for back to school. You can shop my recommendations on my shopmy list!

Rare beauty makeup

Lancôme Recommendations 

I was sent a whole collection of Lancôme products. I will be sharing my favorite products from their Lancome La vie est Belle to the CILs booster to help boost the effectiveness of your mascara. I have more Lancome essentials on my list of recommendations

Amika Hair - shop sustainable Haircare with Amika

I am an Amika ambassador and have a discount code for you - save with my discount code LYFESTILEBEAUTY to save on your Amika purchase.

Style your hair with a brand that has work to reduce waste with their sustainable efforts.

Fashion Essentials for back to school

Shoes for everyday - Famalore available Now*

I have been testing out these shoes for a a few weeks in different environments. I wear them for long shopping trips, walking all around and for short periods of time. These are comfortable for all environments and great for walking all across campus. Great for short periods of time and long wear. It’s hard for me to find a pair of shoes that are fashionable and comfortable. 

Shop express fashion for back to school 

I am an express style ambassador and I earn commission on purchases. You can shop jackets, jeans, and tops to get into style for back to school.  

Dorm Room Essentials 

My favorite part of getting ready is decorating and organizing my room for getting ready for school. 

Dorm Room Essentials with Dormify

You decorate your room with your aesthetic choice - choose your aesthetics with dormify. I love the selections that are available at Dormify. They have selections that are so adorable! 

Amazon Essentials for back to school shopping 

I am an Amazon influencer and I make a commission on any purchase made through my Amazon store front. I have curated a back to school shopping guide with my latest Amazon finds. I will be updating my list often. 

You can also look on my Amazon store front to see all of my lists.
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