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I have tried three different primers: porefessional, Estee Lauder Futurist Aqua Brilliance, Dr. Brandt skincare no more pores. I didn't believe in primers when I first started wearing makeup. I thought I could be lazy and skin the primer step. When I was beauty advisor, my makeup would streak and fade. The texture didn't look good. In order to boost sales. I would show the customer the difference between how the foundation looks with and without the primer. I could tell the difference, myself, when I demonstrated on the customer. There is always a reason for every beauty product. Someone sees a  problem that needs to be solved and they create something to solve the problem. 

Two of the primers addresses pores: porefessional and Dr. Brandt Skincare no more pores. Two have skincare benefits: Estee Lauder and Dr. Brandt.

This primer has skin loving ingredients. It triples the skin moisture. It has hyaluronic acid, Ion charged Water and Glycerin. It will lock in moisture as well as strengthen skin's barrier. This good for someone who wants that dewy glowing skin as well as skincare benefits.

I love how this illuminates my skin. It has thick texture to smoothen out the pores. 

There is a full size for a great price.

The porefessional primer is a smoothing primer that will help keep your foundation from seeping into your skin. It will create a smooth canvas so your foundation will apply smoother. This is a hero product from benefit. 

Showing you a side by side comparison between the three primers.
  1. The color are different the left is more a of beige color, the Estee Lauder Primer is white and more opaque, the right side of Dr. Brandt is more clear and luminous
  2. The texture is different. The Benefit is a thicker more matte texture to help mattify your skin, the middle is a thicker texture to add more hydration, the one on the right is creamy and glides on your skin
  3. The benefits: each have their own combination of benefits based on your goal.

What primer will you choose?

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