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Hello, Gorgeous! I hope everyone enjoy their Halloween. This Halloween was about reconnecting with old acquaintances and spending more time with family. I made it different and special. I purchase piñatas and put candy for the kids. I sent virtual cards to those I couldn't see. We had pumpkin muffins and hot cocoa as we watched Disney Halloween movies. A lot of experiences have taught me this year that there is one thing that will always be important no matter what happens...your loved ones. You might lose them for a little bit due to some kind of disagreement but they will always come back to you. Never let your pride get in the way.  There was nothing lost, just more gained. 


  •  I have been amazed with I used this to create graphics for my blog  and social media. Its easy and fun to use. I can get carried away with creating so many designs for one product. It's a great tool for any creator. Click here to join and well both receive one free credit. I love when I can be creative!
  • I made a commitment to make every Sunday spa day. I create a spa bath experience and wear my face mask. I spray some calming room fragrance in the air as I put on some relaxing music and set the mood with calming lights and music. 
  • I have been going to the park three times a week. I enjoy the weather and cool breeze outside. It is so nice and peaceful. This is considered my meditation time. 
  • A smile and positive attitude will create a better environment. You can't change the situation or what has happened but you can shape the rest of your day through the way you react. A smile is contagious but a bad attitude can also be contagious. I am working on myself to try to create a more peaceful environment. 
  • I have been so stuck on using high-end luxury prestige brands. I decided I am going to venture out try some drug store brand makeup. I used to use elf, Pixi, No 7, hard candy and Maybelline before I worked at the beauty counter. I will stop being a brand snob and step out of my comfort zone. I can wait to share with you my experience in these brands.

Beauty Review

This week I will be mainly blog about Boxy Charm. I have become obsessed with this beauty box company. The main reason is because I love the fact that everything in here is full size. I am so happy to share with you this creamy eye shadow. I like to create a versatile look with my eyes. I love all things shimmer. Sometimes I want a natural, subtle glow to my eyes. 

Studio Makeup Endurance Cream Shadow

I got the Studio Makeup Cream Shadow as part of my BoxyCharm beauty box. It has five full size beauty products for only $25 a month. The product, itself, costs only $25. It's like buying the product and getting four free items!  The box is a great Value! You will be surprised with five great products. Click here to sign up for Boxy Charm! I will receive a reward if you sign up using my link. 

The shimmers are so pretty!
Look how pigmented the colors are! 

So shimmery
Buildable from day to night

The packaging comes in a clear rectangle tube with a black lid
The applicator tool is soft and cushion
 Glides on easily

You can apply this eyeshadow by itself, layer it with a powder to create more pigment, use as a highlighter. The creamy formula blends so effortless. It's versatile and creates a natural glow. I even apply above my cheeks, the bridge of my noses and even the cupid's bow. You can create a beautiful highlight under the brow bones


  1. The shimmer adds glam to your makeup look
  2. Can be buildable
  3. texture
  4. Can be used as a highlighter
  5. Great for the holidays


  1. Takes more layers to create a bold look
  2. The range of colors are only two choices

How will you use your eyeshadow?

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