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Good morning! The weather is nice and I am listening to upbeat music Lindsey Sterling Round Table Rival playing her violin with great talent. She is so talented with her dancing and playing with so much energy. This is always the first song I play to get myself motivated while working out. It makes me feel like a winner.   I am so calm today. I am drinking my coffee, eating my bagel as I am trying to decide what to wear today and I was feeling inspired. I want to wear bold colors so I can pop.


This week, I am reviewing Lancome products and putting the brand in the spot light for my blog to show you everything that is good about Lancome. Lancome is the French Chic line that has a rose on their products for their logo. Their body wash is always so pleasant. It reminds me a pleasant time with my grandma. She would have this body wash at her bathroom vanity with the matching lotion. 

 Lancome Makeup

This palette is not available for sale but you can buy each and every color individually.

I love Lancome shadows. They have great pigment and different options. Lancome really knows how to create a diverse range of colors, texture and finishes that delivers results. I always get excited about the eyeshadow holiday sets. I bought this set the last holiday and what I loved most about this color is that you can buy each and every one of them individually. You don't have to be disappointed when the season is over and you have to replace on of your favorite colors. The palette contains two different finishes: matte and metallic. You can create day or night look with your eyes. I can't believe this palette have all the shades I love. I apologize that it's not available since it was a special holiday set but good news that you can buy the colors individually. Don't worry, they have amazing eyeshadow palettes for each holiday

These days lipsticks are harder to wear when you are in a public area due to wearing face masks. Lancome does have the matte shakers that are smudge resistance. I want to make my eyes pop since my lips are covered. It's all about the eyes. Everything will get better so continue to add to your lipstick collection. I still wear lipstick when I am out of the public and working home. 

The colors on the left are matte shades. The first color on the top is called sand, the color below is rose quartz, the orange color second to it is called embers, Dawn is below embers, the third row is called citrine copper, Henna is below, Galactic Sapphire is in the next row, Midnight stone is below, violet mercury follows, magnetic magenta follows, Siren's emerald is in the last row on top and Arabian nights is below.

I love Lancome shadows. They have great pigment and different options. Lancome really knows how to create beautiful colors. They are high pigmented and last all day. They have cream, shadow sticks, palettes and single eyeshadows. 

The eyeliners are amazing. They are waterproof and highly pigmented. I love that they are easy to apply and easy on my sensitive eyes even when I apply them to my waterline. They are smudge proof and last all day. I add a similar eyeshadow on top of the eyeliner if I want to create an even bolder or smoke my eyeshadow. They have so many different ranges of colors as well that range from shimmery to matte eyeshadows. They have great fall colors. 

Grandiose mascara is my one of my favorite mascaras from Lancome. It has the swan neck to curl, lift and separate your lashes to get bold lashes. Their Cils booster mascara is amazing! It has vitamin E oil to condition your eye lashes so they are strengthen. You can use it as an over night mask for your lashes when you sleep as well. They help boost the volume and length of your lashes. You can notice a difference when you use the primer vs. when you don't.

The highlighters are highly pigmented. They come in a sleek, black compact. Give the color a full boost by spraying your brush with water after you pick up the highlighters. The dual finish highlighters are amazing and you should get all of the colors to achieve different looks. They have five range of colors to fit all skin tones. You can apply the highlighter above your cheekbones or middle of the face where the lights hits the most. The highlighter have a beautiful glow. The texture of the highlighter is soft as it glides on your skin. The highlighter can be used as an eyeshadow. My favorite spot is the lid.

The absolue lipsticks are very hydrating. I love the color. It come in a classy tune with a gold rose emblem on the top. You press down the golden rose to open the lipstick. The lipstick contains neutral and deep shades. There is this cute collection of the absolue lipstick that I adore called the ruby cream. I just want to collect them all. They have matte, shimmer, and cream lipsticks. 

Lancome separate themselves from other prestige cosmetic lines by implementing artistry in their makeup.  Their makeup brushes are very extensive. There are more than ten differentbrushes that have differentuses. Their makeup colors are pigmented. Lancome contains a whole line of color correctors to bring out the makeup artist in the user. They have the tools that can help you achieve that perfect makeup look. Lancome has taught me a lot about artistry when I used to work for them. The primers, brushes, concealers, color correctors and setting powder/setting spray are great tools to give your foundation a flawless finish. 

Lancome never disappoints in their holiday collection.  The beauty boxes are a great deal. There are two choices: warm or cool. It's such a great deal because the box contains a full size genifique and the price is less than you would spend on the genifique by itself. That is always a constant.  I dont know much about this holidays box but there is always a constant:
  • It come with several full size items such as eyeshadow palette,  lipsticks, genifique,  mascara, bifacil and other surprise items
  • You will have to make a purchase in order to buy this since it's such a great deal but the value of the set is still less than what you are spending with the beauty box and qualifying purchase
  • It contains a cosmetics bags that is such a high quality and it's unique and durable 
  • It sells out fast
  • You choose between warm and cool shades
At the end of the day when you are ready for bed, you can remove all that beautifully applied makeup with the bifacil eye makeup remover and remove your full coverage foundation with the bifacil face. The bifacil is so gentle and effective that it even removes waterproof eye makeup. The face makeup remover leaves your face feeling soft instead of tight and gets your face ready for your skincare regimen.

I will give you more information about the box when I have more information. So excited!

Don't forget to use your Genifique Serum before applying your makeup. It will help prep your skin for perfect a perfect  makeup application. 

What kind of Lancome makeup look do plan on creating?

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