My favorite face mask

 A face mask is a great booster to your current regimen. It's a great way to spoil yourself. Face masks are targeted solutions that will address certain concerns. It comes in several different forms. I have tried them all. They all feels so great. They work different into your skin. 

Face masks are not meant to be used every day. They are mean to be used 2-3 times a day on cleansed skin. I like to use them at night. I remove my makeup and I make sure that there are no residue there. I put on my face mask before I take a bath so I can relax while I wait. Then, I just bring in my face cleanser with me and I rinse off the face mask. I just wear the mask while I am working on my computer On a busy day working at home.

You can also use several different kinds in targeted areas of your face if you have different concerns. I am oily in the nose area and my forehead. I also have blackheads and and pores in that area so I like to use a purifying mask in that area. I am dry on my cheeks and I do have sensitivity and irritation there due to dryness, especially during the winter time, so I like to use a mask that has calming solutions to there area. The chin and my jaw area is where I get the most dark spots. So I use a skin renewing and dark spot corrector face mask.

Another great face masks that have became especially popular are the sheets facial masks. It's simple and easy routine. You just place the sheet on your face and press down and it does the work for you. 

My top facial masks

Below are list of face masks that left my skin feel more radiant, hydrated, cleansed and smooth. I have tried these and I love them! 


Genifique Face mask icon
Lancôme's Genifique face mask is my favorite face mask. It feels so smooth. It contains the same amount of Genifique's active ingredient of Bifidus extract as one bottle. Your skin feels so soft and smooth after application. You can feel the immediate results and improvement in the way that your skin feels. Just apply it for 10-30 minutes and blend the rest into your face when you remove your mask. Pair this mask with Lancôme's iconic Genifique serum for optimal results.

Estee Lauder

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Want smooth skin? Do you need to remove your dead skin to reveal soft, renewed skin. My other favorite mask boost your cell turnover with the active ingredient of AHA and hyaluronic acid to immediate see results of brighter skin, reduced pore size and smoother skin texture. This is a an at home facial peel that you apply o your face for ten minutes and rinse off. This face mask is a peel without the excess redness or irritation. You will feel a tingly sensation. You will notice that your skin care will absorb better in your skin. Make sure you wear extra sun protection during the day when you use any kind of peels. 

Renutriv iconDo you want luxury in your face mask regimen? Estee Lauder is the leading brand in luxury with their exclusive ingredients and extensive research. Renutriv offers that luxurious sensation and has the exclusive ingredient of black truffles that takes a long process to extract to get the most potent of the black truffle ingredients to give the refined texture skin and revitalize your face to give you transformative results. Using this will give you a great at-home spa experience. The first step is the silky dry brush application. Use it alone on clean, dried skin. Wait a few minutes before apply the mask. Please do not apply the mask with the brush because it will diminish the brush and it won't work as good. Scoop up the mask with the golden scoop the is supplied and smooth a layer on your face. After five minutes, massage in with your hands. Then rinse your face. Pair it with the Renutriv Serum.


Glamglow mask icon

A new facial mask I just recently tried was the Glam glow firming face mask. I bought the glam glow facial masks in a trial set and I love them all. The firming mask was one of my favorites of the set. You apply it on your face and the application looks so pearly. I noticed that my skin did feel firmer after using this. It's a peel mask. You apply it to your skin and it changes colors when it dries. Peel if off your skin within thirty minutes and rinse off the rest. Did you know that GlamGlow was created exclusively for Hollywood stars? It was made to give a quick boost since they didn't have that much time to their touch up regimen. 


Clinique face mask icon
Need to purify your skin to get a deeper cleanse and remove the dead skin on the top of your skin? Clinique's city block purifying face mask and scrub works as a face mask and a scrub in one. The color will lighten up when it comes time to rinse it off. You can customize the intensity of your exfoliation by how hard you press down. Apply on clean, dried face and leave on until you notice the color fading. Clinique has natural ingredients and is allergy tested and dermatologist developed. They put extensive research to create the right product for your needs. 

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