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I can teach you tips and tricks in your makeup so you can get the best in your beauty products. 

There are several kinds of ways you can make your lipstick last longer, go on smoother and keep from bleeding.  There are good tips and tricks that you can master to create the perfect lip and to overcome any lipstick obstacles.

First, you will need to gather some products:

  • Lip scrub
  • Lip balm
  • Lip liner
  • Highlighter
  • Lip primer
  • Concealer
  • Lipstick
  • Lip gloss
  • Translucent powder

Buxom lip kit

Lip kit
Buxom has great lip products. It helps plump up your lips and make them feel great. It has a great tingly effect that refreshed your lips and your lips are plump. I love wearing them by itself.  

Steps for a perfect lipstick 

First, you need to remove the dead skin on your lips. Scrub your lips in a circular motion. You can use sugar with coconut oil. Removing the dead skin will help the lipstick from looking dry or seeping through the dry skin.

Lip balm

Lip balm review

Next, you need to prep your skin by applying a hydrating lip balm, specifically something with vitamin E. This will smooth your lips allowing your skin to go on smoother and help hydrate and soothe your lips. You should probably wait a few minutes before going to the next step allowing  your balm to absorb into your skin. Maybe eat a mint as you wait, brush your hair or apply mascara.

Lip Smackers Logo

You can now apply the primer on your lips. Sometimes the balm can work as a primer but if you need the extra boost, you can apply the primer to retain the lipstick longer to keep the lipstick from fading.


The next step is concealer. The concealer  can help shape the lip to create a cupid's bow or any shape that you want to create.


The lipliner step is customizable. The benefits of the liner is to keep the lipstick from bleeding.  You create a hombre effect with the lipliner. In addition,  you can do natural,  enhance your lip size or create a blended effect. Choose a matching color if you want the lipstick to look natural.  The lipliner can enhance your lipstick color. Use a darker color to enhance the size and create an hombre look. Use a shade lighter to create an inverted look.


Lipstick steps

Apply the lipstick of your choice. Do you want a bold, medium or neutral colors? Do you want matte lipstick or shine? There are shades of red, plums corals and pink. My favorite lipstick for hydrating is the lancome absolu lipstick. It has the active ingredients of the absolu skincare to deeply hydrate your lips. They have bold and neutral colors.

Another fast tip is that you can turn any lipstick into a matte look by apply translucent powder of your lipstick.  Gently place, do not press, a tissue over your lips that have lipstick and apply the translucent powder lightly.

Next, you can apply lip gloss to create a plump look. My favorite lip gloss is Buxom. There are different colors and it lasts all day for me whether I use them on top of my lipstick or by itself.  The lip gloss can enhance your lipstick even more. 


Enhance your pout by adding a highlighter to the middle of your top and bottom lips to give your lips a perfect pout.

Now you have the look to perfect your lip look with these steps. Your lips are more enhanced, they are smoother and your lipstick lasts all day.

How are you going to wear your lipstick tonight?

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