Nira Skin Laser Treatment

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Nira Skincare Laser Device Review

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Only two minutes commitment a day to achieve visible wrinkle reduction for less than half the price of laser surgery? Yes! Sign me up!

Did you know that your eyes are the first thing that ages? It was the the first area where I notice that the lines and wrinkles first appear in my  eyes before they show in my face. The eyes produces less oils than the face so they produce dry lines quicker than the face. It's imperative to use a cream to keep them moisturized. My main issues are the lines on both side of my nose where my glasses lay. I am self conscious about that and excited on trying to reduce those lines. 

The Nira device is designed to repair the wrinkles on your eyes, build collagen and increase elasticity by using the same technology that dermatologists use in their laser treatments! You can do this at the comfort of your own home! 

Come and join me on my journey of using the Nira Device as go on a Journey of repair for our eyes. Share with me your photos of before you use the device. 

Nira: before and after

Nira before and after

Below is a before photos

I was nervous when I first used this device but it's easy to use and gentle on my skin. I did experience some redness but the redness went away. There was no pain present and is easy to use. 

After using the Nira device for over a year

Nira laser device results

My lines are softer especially around the nose. Consistency is key to using this device. All it takes is two minutes a day.

The science of Nira

I would like to remind you about the benefits and how to use the Nira Laser Device. 

Science of the Nira

Nira Skincare laser is a non fractional device

The device is gentle and won't damage the tissue because it's no. Fractional lasers causes the blood vessels to burst which causes redness, inflammation and swelling. This device is more gentle while penetrating through the lower levels of the skin. It's safe to use for all skin types.

Benefits of using the Nira Device
  • Easy to use - only two minutes a day
  • FDA Cleared and Clinically proven results
  • Results in 60 days, dramatic results in 90 days
  • Save money and time. You only have to buy the device once vs. several visits to the office to get laser treatments. 
  • It's available at the comfort of your own home!
  • It's noninvasive and pain free natural alternative
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Easy to use
  • Patented, FDA-Cleared clinically proven
  • Only two-minutes per day
  • Your fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes will be reduced. The best thing is that your crow's feet will also be reduced! 
  • You makeup will look better! It starts with great skin! 

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How to use your Nira Device

How to use the Nira device
How to use the Nira Laser Device
  • Fully Charge your device. It comes with a special charge. I charged the night before
  • Remove your makeup - your skin should be clean, makeup free and dry
  • Power on and discover the different modes and learn what the rejection tone start. Start with level 1 and move up when you get used to your device. Turn on the device by pressing the power button. 
  • There are five levels. I have been using it for almost a month and I am on level 2. Remember, it's not supposed to hurt or feel too hot. You will need to lower the power level if you feel too much discomfort. There is only supposed to be temporary redness, if any.
  • Hit the treatment button while holding the device in front of you. That is the rejection tone. The rejection tone will be activated if it's not fully touching your skin. Reposition the device if you hear that sound. 
  • Start with the outer corner of your eye. Press and release the treatment button. You have the device positioned correctly if you hear two beeps. The first one means it's activated and the second one means that it was treated successfully! 
  • Reposition your device and slightly overlap as you are moving towards the inner corner of the eye. You will usually go through 2-3 row patters and 40 pulses. You will hear a set of three set pulses to celebrate your treatment of the first eye is complete! 
Nira Skincare Directions

  • Repeat on the other eye and celebrate again! Power off by holding down the power button! 
  • Celebrate your success again! 
  • Apply the Hyaluronic Acid Advanced Serum after you use your device.
  • Now you may begin your skincare regimen!

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Enjoy your new device and I am excited to guide you on your journey on skin repair!

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