Cozy weather lifestyle and beauty rituals

Cozy weather essentials 

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The post-holiday weather inspires a need to stay cozy with hot cocoa and a blanket. It seems like the best time to dive back into the beauty world again. There are several items that has helped me during the cold season. 

There are some newly launched products or products that I am rediscovering again. 

Hot cocoa recipe with the Creekside mallow marshmallows 

Let’s get started with a warm beverage. First, I wanted to share with you a hot cocoa recipe that is rich and delicious. It’s the popular recipe from Paris that has been viral on TikTok. I used the French style recipe from Martha Stewart. I created this recipe for a family gathering and it was a hit. I bought over some creekside mallow marshmallows to go with the theme. We had a marshmallow bar that allowed everyone to try their favorite marshmallow with the hot cocoa. My favorite were the mint chocolate chips. They are so good to eat by themselves. There was even a marshmallow toppers that you can put on your hot cocoa. The kids were so cute as they were just eating the toppings by themselves. This is a recipe that I will try again.

Beauty winter essentials

Hydration is the key for the winter weather. I seek skincare that keeps me hydrated and makeup that is creamy and rich in texture. I need that nourishment as my skin feels tighter and my lines are more prominent. 

Skincare essentials for winter

It all starts with great skin. Your makeup is not going to look good if your skin is dry and flaky. These skincare products are items that I have been testing or rediscovered. 

Charlotte Tilbury skincare for winter ❄️ skincare - reviewed here

As a beauty expert, I am lucky to be sent so many items to try and test so that I can share my opinions with you. Charlotte Tilbury is one of those items. As a magic Beauty Star, I get exclusive access to their top sellers and latest launches. I was sent a bundle of their skincare products, including their new magic water cream to try and test. In addition to free products, I am given a code to share that I will save you 15%. Use my code feliceFA0G1 to save 15%. I will make commission if you use my code and it is only good for full price single items - other exclusions may apply.

Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream*

I have been using my Charlotte Tilbury skincare for a while. I have just finished my magic magic water cream as well as other products but that is okay because I will be moving on to the magic cream for the winter weather. They are both hydrating and great for my skin.  I also used the last of my Charlotte Tilbury Magic Serum and magic eye rescue. The Charlotte Tilbury Magic hydrating mist is perfect for all day touch up when you need it. 

My current Charlotte Tilbury skincare lineup
  • Charlotte Tilbury magic cream
  • Charlotte Tilbury eye rescue
  • Charlotte Tilbury glow toner
  • Charlotte Tilbury hydrating mist 
These are great skincare products that I love and will replenish often.

Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair*

This is a serum that I keep on my rotation. I have been using this since I started working on beauty retail. There is a reason why this serum is a top seller in the beauty world. This serum helps replenish and boost your skin’s cell renewal process while your sleep. Your skin repairing process tends to slow down with age. Estée Lauder advanced night repair, with the benefits of  seven serums in one, helps boost the reparative process. In addition, it helps protects your skin against the environmental aggressors that can further damage your skin during the day time. I found myself needing this serum more now than ever as I am older. It gives my skin a bigger glow than I last used it. Also, check out my Instagram and TikTok post using this serum. 

Hydrating foundations for the winter

These foundations has been on my rotation for cold weather. One constant is the Le Metier Peau Vierge anti-aging complexe foundation. I use it everyday - before any foundation or by itself. It is deeply nourishing and hydrating. This foundation is sheer, luxurious feeling foundation that improves the look of the skin.

For a luminous finish, I use the Armani beauty luminous silk foundation. I reviewed the Armani Luminous Silk foundation here. I have talked about this foundation several times and even had a feature of this foundation. Another favorite is the Charlotte Tilbury beautiful skin foundation. It imparts a luminous glow. I use the Cle de Peau Beaute the Foundation (reviewed here) for a more richer and creamier texture. It has the skincare benefits and blurs imperfections. 

Adding color with blush and bronzer

I gravitate towards cream and liquid blush during the winter time. A few favorites are the Chantecaille geleé hydrating gel-cream blush. A small amount adds a beautiful flush of color. The Dior backstage Rosy Glow blush is a gorgeous rosy glow that is perfect for layering on top of the cream blush. Achieve an effortless flush of color with Sisley Paris Phyto-Blush twist blush stick. The Sisley Paris blush has a unique finish of powder while maintaining the benefits of a cream texture. I have recently discovered the Bobbi Brown bronzing powder. I tap it in with a bronzing blush for a beautiful touch of bronze.

Highlighter to add a dewy glow for a winter makeup look

There are so many ways to use the highlighter: mix with foundations, mix with moisturizer, wear before foundation or finish the look by adding it to the top of the cheeks. Charlotte Tilbury has great options with their spotlight beauty light wand or the Hollywood flawless filter. Mixing the flawless filter with the magic cream creates a natural dewy glow to start off the makeup look. How do you like to wear your Hollywood flawless filter? Use my code feliceFA0G1 to save 15%.

Grande lash peptide mascara

This mascara conditions my lashes as well as adding instant lengths to my lashes. They appear healthier and there are no clumps present. One layer gives me the results I desire. 

Yves Saint Laurent couture mini clutch luxury eyeshadow palette 

Comes in a luxurious packaging and several different neutral shades that you can choose from. Easy to create an everyday look. 

Laura Mercier Cavier Stick Eye color - use my code lyfestilebeautyandskin to shop Laura Mercier site

A creamy texture is perfect for the winter shade. It is lightweight and blends beautifully. The colors create a beautiful glow. It can be buildable and is transfer resistant. You can wear them by themselves, use them as a primer to intensify the eyeshadow, or apply after the eyeshadow at the corners of the eyes. 

Repair damaged hair with L’Oréal Professionel metal detox collection 

Repair your damaged hair caused by buildup and of metal that accumulates over time. Metal build up can lead to damaged hair, faded color, and breakage of the hair. My hair goal is to repair and nourish my hair to achieve a healthier and manageable hair. I have been testing the hair oil, shampoo and hair mask to repair and protect my hair! I am amazed by the reaction that these three has achieved together! My hair is shinier and appears healthier. My scalp even feels cleaner. 

Closing statements 

I hope that you enjoyed my winter beauty lineup. Was there any new discoveries that you are excited to try.

I now have a LTK profile. Find my profile by my username LifestylewithFelice. I also share more updates on my TikTok and Instagram. I will be sharing more beauty discoveries on my blog. 


Items marked with an asterisk were gifted. As always, all my reviews are my own. This post contains affiliate links. This means that I will make a commission on any purchase you make when you click on one of my links. 

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