Best Stocking Stuffer ideas 2023 for everyone on your list

Best stocking stuffer ideas 2023 that will be appreciated

Stocking stuffer ideas

I remember when I was a kid and opening the stocking each year. It was so personal for me. It was a great experience as we designed our own some years, the stockings had items we loved. They were small fun items. Some of the items were fun gag gifts, gifts I can use all year round and delicious holiday candy. One thing that stood out to me is that our mom would gift us these big fruits that were delicious and fresh. She took the time to find the best fruit. It was in a separate bag than the stockings. I enjoy creating stockings for my loved one and helping my mom create them for my nieces and nephews. Sometimes we use different kinds of laundry baskets, big organizers and other creative items to use as a stocking. 

Stockings are not just for kids. You can create one for everyone and create a unique experience that they will not forget. Stockings are more personalized than gifts. My stocking stuffer idea guide is to help you get something for everyone. I have curated an extensive list for different price points as well as different categories from price points to your target gift category. 

My extensive stocking stuffers help you find items from different price points, ages and relationships. 

What is the most popular type of stocking stuffers? 

Candy has become a popular stocking stuffer. It's a great filler. Usually you would choose their favorite items from beauty, games, small toys, accessory and candy is the popular filler. There are so many different kinds of holiday theme candy to fit the tastes of each and every tastes. There are even healthy choices that even the healthy conscious can enjoy something delicious. Popular brands are Godiva, Lindt, Dove are great chocolate gifts. 

Celestial Silk

Celestial Silk - self care luxuries on a budget 

Who doesn’t want a good night sleep? Another popular choice, that is great for everyone, is something that allows you to relax and unwind after a long day. These tools are perfect to fit into the stockings. Give them the gift of relief from stress. 

These items only take five minutes to unwind to feel the tension leave your body:

  • Crystal Gem stone roller - take as long as you need. Use with your favorite skincare products to help your skincare blend in better. Bring it with you on the go for a quick pick me up or use at the end of the day to help promote a more relaxed night sleep.
  • Relaxation roller -Take the stress out of your day with the Celestial Silk relaxation roller! With six organic blend of essential oils, this relaxation roller will help calm and destress. It’s a perfect mood booster. You can bring this anywhere and take a moment to de stress. 
  • Sleep mist - a gentle mist to add a more positive experience to your sleep. Have a peaceful and restful nights sleep.
With the holidays you will need to relax and unwind. Get one for yourself as well! Shop Celestial Silk on my Amazon Store front!

What do you usually put into Christmas stockings

The choices for stocking are endless! Definitely do not forget candy and snacks. Other choices should be more personal to fit their needs. You can include travel size beauty, accessories, gift cards, games, small toys, and gadgets. 

Stocking stuffer ideas for Friendsmas

My favorite technique for stocking stuffers is to buy several big beauty sets such as lipsticks, bath products or other self care products and break them down to split them up between friends. This allows me to spread the gift out more, have more a variety and being able to meet the preference of each friend. Not all of my friends will like that bold or neutral lipstick in that set. It makes it fun and have a variety. 

What is Friendsmas? 

Friendsmas, just like friendsgiving, has been widely popular and the tradition is growing. It's celebrating the holidays with your group of friends before you travel back to family or spend it with family. I consider my friends like my family and some friends do join me with my family. Unfortunately, some friends need to travel to spend the holidays with their family not allowing them to be around. This is time before the holidays where you throw a big party to spend with your friends. 

A few gift idea for friendsmas:

First I take big gift sets and break them down to what I feel what my friends would choose as they will not like everything in the box. 
Then I would get some small travel sets to add a variety from beauty, skincare, fragrances,  fragrances, accessories and body care - the possibilities are limitless
  • Amika has so many great choices in travel sizes that allows you to buy a travel size product for their hair type. In addition, this Amika masktopia hair set has different hair masks made for different concerns. Use my code LYFESTILEBEAUTY to save on your purchase.
  • This hair styling favorites set has several Haircare best sellers that is perfect to use for your ideas
  • Give an eyeshadow to everyone with this eyeshadow set from Tarte Cosmetics. It’s only $54 for four eyeshadow palettes for the price of one. 
  • Lip products stocking stuffers ideas - lip products are a very popular choice in the beauty stocking stuffers. The JOUER lip oils have three in the sets that allows you to gift one to three people. I purchase a Clinique lipstick set every year and the plenty of pop lipstick set does not disappoint. It is $25 for five full lipsticks- only $5 per lipstick. The lipstick vault set is another great option from Clinique. You get a variety of their lip products for $50. Color POP has these gorgeous nude shades in ten colors for a great price. You are spending less the four dollars each. Another option from Colour Pop is these more bold red options. They are currently on sale so get them before they go back to regular price. This Estée Lauder five piece set are sure the sell out as they sell out each year. The set is currently on sale for $28 - less then the price of buying a single lipstick. You can’t go wrong with these Burt bees lip balms. It’s a four pack - you are spending less than three dollars per balm. This Laniege gift set allows you to gift three lip masks. This lip gift set is a great Target find! There are seven pieces for a great price! 
  • There are so many great value skincare sets such as the nighttime skincare essentials from ULTA that has a variety of skincare products to use at night. The skin hydration heroes has different moisturizers for dry skin. Tree hut trio set has three body scrubs with three holiday festive scent.Try Clinique’s travel pieces to allow you to cater to their different skin type

Olfactory NYC give them a gift of personalized experienced

I love this idea and it's an amazing concept as it allows you to provide a personalized experience. Olfactory NYC has an at home personalized experience that allows you to discover all of the notes and choose your favorite notes. You create your own unique fragrance and customize the bottle to your specific taste. It will be their one of a kind bottle. You gift them the at home discovery set and then they will have the code to choose the bottle that they like. 

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Amazon Stocking Stuffers

I have added some stocking stuffer ideas on my amazon with some cute ideas for accessories, stocking, beauty, skincare and more. I am an Amazon influencer and make commission if you make a purchase on my amazon store front. 

Why shop on amazon?

Amazon has so many choices that allows you to get everything in one place. With an amazon prime account, you are able to get them as fast as the same day. These fast shipping benefits are perfect for those last minute shoppers. They also have novelty beauty and self care items for a low cost spreading your dollar further. 

Stocking stuffer ideas based on price point

I have created a list of stocking stuffer ideas based on different price points. I have organized them to help you to choose from your best price point. I have made sure I have a variety in each category so you will be able to find something for everyone. 

Best Stocking Stuffers $15 and under

Pick out small and fun stocking stuffers that are 15 and under that they would sure enjoy. It can be fun games, beauty, selfcare and more! 
Stocking stuffers $15 and under
Shop gift under $15

Top Holiday Stocking stuffers $25 and under

Shop stocking stuffers under $25

Best Holiday Stocking stuffers $50 and under

These $50 and under stocking stuffer ideas has a variety of beauty, self care and accessories. 

Shop stocking stuffers under $50

Stocking stuffer ideas based on recipient

Who are you shopping for? What age group are you shopping for? I have organized stocking stuffer ideas that hasn't been discussed in two categories: Stocking stuffers for him & Stocking stuffers for kids. 

Stocking Stuffers for him

What do guys like? Guys like to practice self care even though it isn't as extensive as the female selfcare routine. Guys like to keep cozy with warm socks, hats and other cozy essentials. In addition, they like to enjoy the technologies such as games, phone accessories and speakers. They also have the sweet tooth as well. They wear fragrance, have their favorite toys and games. Great choices for stocking stuffers can range from humor such as TikTok’s Viral Two words one finger, cozy socks to self care choices. 

stocking stuffers for him
Stocking stuffers for him

Shop stocking stuffers for him

Stocking Stuffers for kids

Kid enjoy items that are fun, colorful and fun to play with. They are the ones that enjoy candy as well. Make it fun and exciting with these stocking stuffer ideas that they can enjoy! 

stocking stuffer ideas for kids
Stocking stuffer ideas for kids

I have created an Amazon list for stocking ideas for kids - I am an amazon influencer and make commission

Shop Stocking stuffer ideas for kids

Closing thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to read my holiday shopping guide for stocking stuffers. 

The holidays seasons seems to come sooner each year. I enjoy creating the holiday content to help you get into the holiday spirit. Shopping for stockings are my favorite part. They are almost as fun as creating them. 

Do you open your stockings first or last?

I have always opened my stockings first and it surprised me to learn that some people have opened their stockings after their gifts. It's fun either way. I wanted to know - do you open your stockings first or last?

Items marked with an asterisk were gifted. As always, all my reviews are my own. This post contains affiliate links. This means that I will make a commission on any purchase you make when you click on one of my links. 

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