Fall Beauty and Fashion Guide

Fall Beauty and Fashion Top Picks

As autumn descends upon us, we eagerly embrace the cooler weather and indulge in the comforting warmth of a pumpkin spice latte. Fall has transformed into a season that captures our hearts with its enchanting flavors, delicate rose gold hues, and the rich tapestry of fall neutrals. It's that special time of year when we reach for our cherished boots and that impeccable neutral lipstick, crafting a classic and timeless look that epitomizes the essence of fall. Join me on a journey through this beloved season, where we'll explore the beauty of fall from every angle.

I'm excited to take you on a journey through the beauty and fashion landscape of the fall season. Within these pages, you'll find a curated collection of my favorite beauty and fashion essentials—products that have earned a place in my daily routine, newly discovered gems that have piqued my interest, and those I'm eager to explore. Join me as we explore the best of fall's beauty and fashion offerings, and perhaps discover some new favorites along the way.

I'm delighted to embark on this journey through the beauty and fashion of the fall season. Adding a touch of culinary delight to the mix, I'd love to introduce you to my current favorite recipe: the mouthwatering pumpkin roll. You can discover this delectable recipe on PreppyKitches.com. The pumpkin roll's rich and irresistible flavors make it the perfect accompaniment for your favorite beverage as you peruse my recommendations. So, let's dive into the world of beauty, fashion, and culinary delights that define the essence of fall.

Clear skin for the fall with Clearstem Skincare*

Acne has been an issue that has affected me during my adult years. It has mainly effected me more during that time of the month. I get my skin clear and then boom! I am surprised by a breakout during the most stressful time. I usually am self conscious about my breakouts but I have become more confident in my skin while using the right products to address the issue. I want to help you to be confident in any kind of skin you use while helping you find the right products.

I have been testing out this skincare for a couple of months. Are you someone that suffers from acne? Let me introduce you to Clearstem skincare. I have acne problems when I became. I had the occasional breakouts as a teen but they were very rare. Now, I have them more than usual. It was strange to me. I have been testing out a few products from Clearstem that I have been loving. 

If you are someone that suffers from Acne, I would recommend you give this brand a try. The mind body supplement helps treats acne from within. I have issues with acne, especially hormonal acne, and Clearstem has helped me regulate my acne. I have started with just one pill a day and built myself up to three pills a day. 

Products that I am loving from Clearstem

  • Mind body supplement - treat your acne from within
  • Hydraglow moisturizer - acne safe moisturizer that leaves a beautiful glow + wakes up to a soft skin
  • Soft skin body lotion - create soft skin while reducing bacteria that causes body acne
Have you tried anything from Clearstem? This will be a great product for those that has issues with acne. Use my code feliceR to save on your Clearstem purchase.

Mermaid dew Skin with Charlotte Tilbury Magic Water Cream*

Achieve that trending mermaid dewy glow, mermaidcore, with two products, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Water Cream and the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter. These two will create the ethereal mermaid glow. 

Save 15% now on any Charlotte Tilbury Purchase with the code feliceFA0G1 at checkout. 

This new Magic cream helped me achieve a glowing, flawless makeup! 

New Magic Water Cream! Instant turn around gel cream for Thirsty, dehydrated skin:

👉 Drench
👉 Revive

It’s more than just a water Cream!

✔️ Instantly + visibly boosts radiance
✔️ Skin appears revived, fresh, smooth and more even toned with clinical results within 28 days
✔️ Redness is reduced within 4 weeks
✔️ Lightweight and long lasting hydration
✔️ Instant results in 28 seconds + long term benefits in 28 days
✔️ Reduces the appearances of pores

Fragrance-Free, lightweight, combination oily skin

Fragrance and silicone free, bouncy gel texture

💦Niacinamide - balance and refine the look of pores
💧Biopeptide complex - reduce the appearance of redness
💦Waterlocking fusion technology - Micro droplets flood skin and train skin barrier to retain more moisture
💧Hydagen Aquaporin + Betaglucan - Clinicall Proven 100 hours hydration

Pick up the new Charlotte Tilbury Magic Water Cream to achieve an instant glow! Use my code feliceFA0G1 to save on your purchase

Another great recommendation is the ICONIC Pillow Talk Lipstick! Pillow Talk started my Charlotte Tilbury obsession. The lipstick is stunning and looks good on anyone. It's a beautiful natural lipstick that is gorgeous on any season. The Pillow Talk collection is my favorite! 

Makeup favorites to help you achieve that pumpkin spiced latte look

There are so many fall trends that I am loving. There is the pumpkin spiced latte makeup look and the latte makeup look. These two are looking so good on everyone. I have pulled my favorite products to help you achieve that look. 

Rare Beauty Soft pinch blush*

Everyone knows how ICONIC these blushes are. There is a reason these blushes are viral. They are stunning and VERY pigmented. So many fall shades in the Rare beauty blushes.  There are so many fall colors. They blends so perfectly. A little bit goes a long ways. Do you think you can finish one blush? 

I am part of the Rare Beauty collective community! I am grateful to be part of this community. They send me PR as part of this community. I have been able to discover the brand even deeper and learn why this brand is so special. We all know how popular the rare beauty blush is right now. 

Jouer Cosmetics Ménage à Trois*

This three in one buttery palette provides a luxurious glow. It's a blush, highlighter and bronzer in one. The texture and embossment is so beautiful. It doesn't feel cakey and lasts all day. It looks natural and perfect for that fall latte glowy bronze! Use my affiliate code LYFESTILEBEAUTY to save on your Jouer purchase. 

Jouer cosmetics fall makeup

This beautiful multipurpose highlighter, blush and bronzer in one makes an easy transition to the fall season. It's multitasking capabilities creates a quick makeup look when you are looking for a fast and easy on the go makeup look for days when you are on the go. 

Ciate London Fall colored eye Shadows*

Ciate London sent over a beautiful eyeshadow palette as part of a PR package they sent me. These colors come and shimmery and matte shade of neutral browns that are perfect for the fall season. 

Sisley Paris Luxury: Makeup, skincare and Haircare Fall essentials

Fall in love with luxurious brand Sisley Paris

Are you a lover of luxury beauty? I want to introduce you to a beautiful luxury brand, Sisley Paris, with products that are high in quality that you should take with you to the fall season. I curated a recommendation from Haircare, skincare and makeup. Some of these products are perfect all year round. 

GISOU Honey Infused Hair Repair Serum*

I have been using the Gisou Hair Repair Serum for a month consistently. I have just finished the bottle and my final results were amazing. My hair looked healthier and is more manageable. It’s imperative to use this on damp hair and apply from your hands. My hair feels softer and more manageable. The ends of my hair appear less damaged. 

Key Benefits:
💦Deeply hydrates, repairs dry, damaged hair, and strengthens to prevent future breakage
🍯Smooths & moisturizes to seal split ends
☀️Protects against heat damage and UV rays
Highlighted Ingredients:
🍃Plant-Based Keratin: Repairs damage, seals split ends, & strengthens to prevent damage.
🚿Encapsulated Mirsalehi Honey Droplets: Deliver a burst of long-lasting moisture and shine.
🌞Heat & UV Protection: Defends against heat damage & UV rays to prevent color fading & restore resilience.

Fall fashion 2023

Add a festive style with Celestial Silk

Festive hair ties for all year round

Embrace the fall season and festivities with Celestial silk wide variations of hair ties. Elevate your hair routine and add a touch of color to any occasion. These are soft and gentle on the hair! What color will you be choosing? Shop the scrunchies on my Amazon store!

Comfits by Sheec - No Show socks*

Superior Performance Socks made for all day wear

Combines style + Support

As someone who like to wear socks with all of their shoes, even dress shoes, I seek something that offers comfort without having to sacrifice comfort. My feet sweat throughout the day and socks are needed with every shoe. The issue is that it is hard to find comfortable socks that look good with every dress shoes. I seek a dress socks that matches the styles of the shoes that I wear.

Styles of socks for every occasion

Sheec NOW offers workout socks, ComFits by Sheec, great for all day workout. Sheec offers support and comfort for your lifestyle.

The most Versatile suppotive socks:

  • All day wear
  • Moisture wicking 
  • Fast drying 
  • Reinforced heel and toes
  • Arch support 
  • Cooling action
  • Great for workout 

Dr. Motion’s Fall 2023 Women’s Compression Socks*

Dr. Motion has all the right moves for your lifestyle, especially if you're a nurse, teacher, traveler, outdoor adventurer, or if you're diabetic or pregnant. New silhouettes and designs launching this month include Mid-Crew Socks in TJ Maxx and fall designs in Kohls. Let your personality shine through with a charming fall palette featuring quarry, ash, steel gray, iceberg green, mushroom, and many more seasonal colors. Nobody would think these are compression socks! Dr. Motion is available at TJ Maxx, Target, Walmart, Kohl’s, and Amazon.

Fall 2023 styles

  • Everyday Compression Ankle - Choose from two-pack pairs of such fun designs as Pretty Lace, Scribbled Hearts, Stay Home Dogs, Tossed Dragonfly, and more!   
  • Everyday Compression Quarter Top - Get a two-pack of Varsity Stripe, Spacedye, and more to meet your fancy.
  • Everyday Compression Mid-Crew - Wear or give a two-pack of LOVE, Bee Kind, Mushroom, and other cute designs with the newest product line, featuring Sorbek and cotton for wicking, antimicrobial and anti-odor properties, 360 degrees of compression, a non-binding comfort band, dynamic mesh arch support, targeted ankle support, cushioned heel and toe, and a smooth toe seam.
  • Everyday Compression Outdoor - A vibrant pair of Spacedye styles in assorted colors.
  • Everyday Diabetic Crew - Grab a two-pack for healthy feet in Thin Stripe, Floral Outline, Multidots, and Super Comfort, among others.

Journee Collection Fall 2023 shoes


Journee Boots for fall

These boots are the perfect fall shoe staple 

Finding the perfect boots that meets all of your needs can be daunting. Finding the right shoes that fits your style, fit, comfort and durability needs can be a long task. I have shared some boots that I have been wearing and testing out. This comprehensive guide shoes a couple of shoes that have made it to the top of my list. Journee is an inclusive brand that fits the needs of different sizes. You will find a size to fit your needs for fall fashion boots at Journees.
extra wide calf boots

Journee Collection REBECCA WIDE CALF

Yosi Samara Fall 2024 Shoes*

Caroline Ballet Flat in Midnight Blue Scale Leather

Samara Foldable Ballet Flat in Rose Gold Metallic Leather

Palmer Sneaker in Natural Multi

Step into fall with these fall shoe trends! Home of the original foldable ballet flat, Yosi Samra makes shopping for stylish and comfortable shoes fun! With a new fall line, shoppers can find stylish sneakers, boots, flats, slip-ons, and more in their newest women's & children's collections. Available in Nordstrom, Amazon, and 1000 boutiques across the United States, Yosi Samra's runway-inspired styles have been worn by Halle Berry, Vanessa Hudgens, Jessica Parker, and other celebrities throughout the country. 

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Magic Planners for mediation and relaxation*

Cozy up during the fall and plan out the next season with a blanket, pumpkin Spiced Latte and festive fall colors. 

Make 2024 a mindful and organized year with magical weekly planners. These unique planners invite you on a mystical planning and scheduling experience, whether for work, school, or your daily life They are great for personal use, but also makes illuminating gifts that are perfect for MBS practitioners of all ages, students, people with busy work schedules, or your industrious friends and family.

All planners feature:

  • Stunning full-page artistic spreads to inspire introspection and perception.
  • Weekly motivations to inform your week and spark spiritual nourishment.
  • 72 weeks with plenty of space to write. Convenient size ideal for carrying in a book bag, briefcase, or purse.
  • Elastic band closure to help secure your planner or mark your place inside.
  • All are under $25 and available at a variety of outlets including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Bookshop.

Amplify your productivity and revitalize your spirit with a magical planner.

Crystal Magic 2024 Weekly Planner

Take an enchanting journey through the year with this weekly planner inspired by the workings of crystal magic.

The Crystal Magic 2024 Weekly Planner is thoughtfully composed to guide you through 18 months led by crystal magic, this planner is designed for new practitioners and experienced crystal workers alike. 

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Guided by Tarot 2024 Weekly Planner

Take a journey of enlightenment through the year with this tarot-inspired weekly planner.

Guided by Tarot 2024 Weekly Planner is thoughtfully composed to guide you in honing your intuition, manifesting success, and finding meaning in your tarot readings, this planner is designed for anyone interested in tarot, from beginners to seasoned interpreters. 

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Herbal Magic 2024 Weekly Planner

Take a magic-infused journey through the year with this weekly planner inspired by the otherworldly power of herbs.

Herbal Magic 2024 Weekly Planner is infused with spells to help you actively manifest your intentions, soothe stress, unblock your creativity, and much more, this enchanted planner is designed for those curious about herbal magic and seasoned practitioners.

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Manifest Your Dreams 2024 Weekly Planner

Take a transformative journey through the year with this weekly planner designed to help you find purpose and optimism in life.

Manifest Your Dreams 2024 Weekly Planner is thoughtfully composed to guide you through 18 months led by manifestations, this planner is designed for anyone looking to find purpose and optimism in life.

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