Solawave Wand Review

Sola Wave Wand Reviews

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Solawave wand review
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Solawave wand microcurrent device
Use Solawave wand for glowing skin

Skincare devices for glowing skin
Solawave boosts your skincare regimen 

Red light therapy and microcurrent
Solawave Helps your skincare absorb better 

Solawave wand benefits
Solawave feels like a massage 

“Five minutes a day to achieve visible improvement in two weeks!”

Solawave can be used everyday of the week. It is not recommended to stay at the same spot for a long period of time or more than once a day. I felt too much of a warmth when I have. The Solawave wand can be used with any serum and moisturizer. It glides better when used skincare products. 

Solawave microcurrent
SolaWave Wand

Disclaimer: This was a gifted PR and this contain affiliate links. All thoughts and opinions are my own!

Happy New Year! This my first big blog of the year! I decided this year will be a reboost, refresh and redesign! I have refreshed my site and gave it a new URL that I purchased, and I changed the layout of the site. I have done a lot of purchase for the semi annual sale. More to come later this week!  

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Solawave Wand Review

My main skin concern is acne! I am in my early thirties and I still have acne concerns. I get them mainly on my chin and jawline. They are hormonal acne. I only get them during that time of the month. I also have seen issue with bumps on my cheeks. So I was excited when I had the opportunity to try the Solawave device. I did notice that they don't appear as prominent after using this device.

I have been into using face devices for skin to help improve my skin. I have become obsessed with these different tool! I want to share with you a new staple in my skincare routine. I love this skincare booster it's easy to use and I feel like it has speed up the healing process of my acne. The serum helps make the device more effective as well as boost hydration and glides easily. I have noticed that my texture was softer and my acne has been reduced. 

The main key is consistency. You have to implement it into your skincare regimen and use it for five minutes everyday to see results. Committing to other things are hard for me but not when it comes to skincare. I can easily add something to my routine and consistently stay with this commitment. Skincare is my strength. Other things, such as cleaning and cooking, it's hard for me to do everyday. I find it easy if I put the device next to my toothbrush to be able to remember to use it!

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Solawave Microcurrent and Red Light Therapy at home skincare device

Solawave Device
Sola Wave Wand Review

Solawave Wand device used code LYFTSTILE15 to save on your purchase 

What is so good about Solawave 

Solawave skincare device
SolaWave Wand Reviews

Does Solawave Wand Help with Dark Spots?

Solawave want helps reduces the appearances of dark spots over time. Consistency is key to see a difference. Commit to using your Solawave wand skincare device to get a luxurious skincare experience.

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Showing the package
Everything taken out of the box

Solawave wand makes my skin glowing and boosts the effectiveness of my skincare products 

Beautiful Layout of the Solawave

What are The Benefits and Functions of the Solawave

Sola Wave MicroCurrent Red Light Therapy
Micro Current Red Light Therapy Facial Massage

There are four main benefits to the Solawave Device

  • Boost Collagen and elasticity with its micro current and vibration. The microcurrents will help tone, tighten and lift your skin.
  • Reduce acne acne and hyperpigmentation
  • Fade Wrinkles and lines with consistent use with five minute a day
  • Amplify Serums and Moisturizers - your serums and moisturizers will be able to penetrate deeper into the skin so that it can work better with the help of the soothing warmth of the of the device

The functions of the Solawave Device - There are six functions

  • Red light Therapy - this function will help rejuvenate your skin and help fade the skin's discoloration
  • Microcurrents tighten and tone your skin with consistent use
  • Soothing Warmth - this function is made to help your skincare absorb easier. The key word is soothing! It's not hot at all. That's why it
  • Facial Massage - reduce puffiness and boost the radiance and glow of your skin. This is the first thing I have noticed in my skin after using this device
  • 90 degree rotation head - makes it easier to rotate and conform to your different contours of your face
  • Touch Activation - it's activated by touch of skin only. It will start when it touches your skin

How to use the Solawave

Sola Wave Wand Red Light

I would like to stress out a couple of facts before going over the steps. First, It's imperative to keep your face moisturized so that the wand can glide easier. You can use a serum, lotion or even a spray if you do not want to use too much conductive serum. It will be harder to glide if it's not moisturized. Also, do not keep it in one place too long. This is mean to glide, not sit in one spot. 

SolaWave Wand Redlight Therapy

  • Lifting technique - Go in the direction that you want your contours to lift. For beauty experts that love to contour. How do you blend your contour makeup? Go in that direction. You will see that I doing a lifting motion to boost the lifting and firming of my device. 
  • Rotation of the wand - rotate as you need to conform with the contours of your face. For example, I feel like the wand works best in the eye area when it's straight up and down. It might work different for you. Test it out to determine what works for you. 

The SolaWave Wand uses visible red light with a centroid wavelength of 660 nanometers, the optimal range to improve the skin's appearance and achieve a smooth and even tone.

Steps to using the SolaWave

  1. Make sure you are using it on a clean and dry canvas. It works best if your face is already cleaned
  2. Apply the serum to your face evenly to all over to boost the effectiveness if the solawave device
  3. Gently glide under the eyes in a semicircular motion from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyes
  4. Start at your smile line and go in an upward motion as you gently lift towards your cheeks
  5. Below the center of the chin, you will want to go down your neck in a downward motion to decrease the double chin
  6. You will move in an upward position at the side of your neck giving it a lift
  7. Now start at your jawline and go from one center to the ear and repeat at the other side to build contour at your jawline
  8. Go in an upward position in the middle of your forehead and move towards your hairline on both sides
  9. Celebrate your first usage of your Solawave! Congratulations. Be sure to click this link, which is an affiliate that will earn me commission, and join me to glowing and lifted skin! Also, use the code LYFESTILE to save 10% on your purchase!

Is Solawave Wand worth the money?

Yes, I have seen results with the Solawave wand. I feel my skincare blending better. My skin texture feels better and acne scarring has been reduced. It feels gentle on my skin when used right. Use with a serum for an easy glide. I have seen other skincare devices cost more.

My foundation looks better with Solawave 


I hope that you enjoyed my Solawave review! I was gifted this wand for my honest review. I enjoy sharing my experience with you. I have updated this blog after using this Wand for a year and I continue to feature this wand in my blog man times, such as my summer essentials blog. 

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