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First Nira Laser Device Update - Nira Skincare reviews 

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Nira before and after results - A month later

In my first review, I posted my before picture. Click  to here to make your purchase no!

Below is my updated results 

Benefits of the Nira Device

There are a few benefits that I wanted to remind you about the Nira device. 
  • The convenience factor of doing it at the comfort of your home vs. in office treatment. Right now it’s important to stay home when you can. You can stay home without having to sacrifice safe skin
  • It’s only a one time investment! You will have to spend over a thousand on each trip with about three to five visits for treatment. The Nira treatment provides lasting results that won’t fade away.
  • Nira penetrates deep within the skin to repair those deep wrinkles and provides lasting results.
  • Compared to other treatments, Nira is pain free, cost effective and last longer!
  • Only two minutes a day needed to achieve the results

My Discoveries about the Nira Laser Device

  • I discovered through other Nira users that you can use the device in other areas than just below the eyes. I realize that I can use it in between my eyes. I have these lines in between my eyes that are deep. It feels. I have the hooded eyes I also learned I can use it to help give it a lifted lol. I will give you and update on how it looks.
  • The levels of the Nira device - it is not supposed to be painful. You should bring the level down if it irritates you. I can only handle a level two. I started out at level one and built up to a level two after a couple of weeks.
  • The redness is only temporary and goes away. I get some redness after using the Nira Device but it goes away

Nira Promotion 

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Coming next is some Valentine’s Day surprise and a makeup look from a brand I love, Natasha Denona.

I hope you enjoyed my update and you are staying safe during these times. I send love and positive vibes your way. Best wishes to you and you loved ones.

Nira Laser Skincare Device

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