Glowing Skin Essentials

Winter time causes your skin to be dull, rough and dry. It's uncomfortable on the skin with the cold weather and wind. My skin feels tight, more prominent lines and I lose my radiance. It's needs extra care and hydration. The skin is dull and needs an radiant boost. I love using both liquid and powder highlighters. 

These products are good for skin that is dry, lacking radiance and dull skin. Some of these skincare can be used for all skin types or Normal/Combination skin. 

Makeup Essentials

Estee Lauder Highlighter

How to use

          • Wet for an intense color 
          • Or use a soft fluffy brush for a soft glow

 Dr. Jart illuminating Primer

Boost your foundation with this illuminating hydrating primer. It will boost the effectiveness of your foundation by improving and perfecting the texture of your skin so that your foundation will appear more illuminated and apply more smoother. 

Cover FX Custom Enhancement Drops

Customize the radiance of your skin by building your glow to your desire. I love these. They are soft and I love all things that gives my skin radiance, shimmer and a glow. Some days I want a soft glow but other days I want a more Glam Glow look. 

How to use

        • Blend with your foundation for an all over glow
        • Use alone and blend with your finger tips for an intense glow

Skincare Essentials

Estee Lauder Toner and Essence Lotion

Nutritious Pomegranate Skincare

              • Antioxidants
              • 24 Hour Hydration for plumped skin
              • protects skin
              • detoxifies


            • Can be mixed with foundation
            • Can be mixed with liquid highlighter
            • Pat on top of makeup for a touch up
            • Probiotic
            • Skin and DNA repairing Serum
            • Revitalizes skin to improve clarity and radiance
            • increases hydration with Sodium Hyaluronate and Glycerin
            • Firms Skin
            • Build Elasticity

Advanced Night Repair

          • Reduces the look of multiple signs of aging
          • Skin more youthful
          • Firmer skin
          • Reduces pores over time

Clinique Fresh Pressed Vitamin C

Vitamin C:
              • Boost Radiance
              • Improves Texture
              • Improves fine Lines
              • Evens out skin Tone

          • Shake for 30 seconds
          • Break Seal 
          • Mix with your moisturizer

Skin type: dry, dull, flaky, lines and wrinkles

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