Ways to enjoy Halloween at home

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Staying home for Halloween? You can still enjoy the Halloween festivities while staying home. Halloween can be fun, creative and even Romantic even if you do not go out and enjoy the Holidays. My opinion is the Holidays is about the spirit and feeling. 

Halloween Inspired Makeup products 

Just because I am staying in does not mean that I am not going to wear makeup. I wear makeup and create makeup looks for my blog all the time. Halloween still creates that magic that inspires me to step further out of the box. There are a few products that I have in mine that I will use to create a makeup. 

Charlotte Tilbury Makeup

I have so much makeup in my Charlotte Tilbury makeup collection. I have a fan of their glowing complexion products. It will make a perfect base to begin your makeup process! I love their foundation and the Hollywood Flawless Filter is perfect for a glow. Add more intensity to the glow with Charlotte Tilbury beauty highlighter wand

I remove the makeup at the end of the night with Charlotte Tilbury's Goddess Cleansing Ritual duo!

Lipstick that lasts all day without smearing or fading. The texture feels comfortable and is non drying. They have several different colors to meet the theme of your costume. The colors are bold. The urban decay lipstick withstand the effects and you can eat all the candy that you desire without having your worry about it fading. I love this beautiful purple color! It's unique and perfect for a fairy makeup look, mermaid, look or even a mystical Unicorn look. 

Urban decay lipstick review


Are you looking for fun romance for Halloween? End the night with some Romantic time after a fun night of Celebrating Spooky and Scary. Blend scary with Romance with D8TE BOX. D8TE BOX provides fun, romantic and unique activities with a loved one in the comfort of your home with games, concoctions to mix your favorite drink, movie ideas, candles, activities and more! This box provides ways for you to have intimate and deeper connections. 

What I received in this box:
  • Intimate deck - tool for deeper connection 
  • Cinnamon spice Spirit infusion - mix your favorite drink to create a delicious drink
  • Pumpkin carving kit
  • Candle
  • Massage oil
  • two pieces of Candy 
  • movie ideas for Halloween

Liquor Whaaat?! Halloween Candy for adults*

Liquor Whaaat Cream filled beavers

Let the kids enjoy their sweets while you enjoy these adorable beaver shaped liquor filled candy that is both delicious and equally fun. They are creamy on the inside and the outside is a velvety smooth chocolate. The box contains 3 dark chocolates with rum filling and 3 milk chocolate with Champagne filling. I could tell that these would be fun with the humor and the packaging. These would make a great conversation piece for Halloween, thanksgiving or any dinner party. 

Send A Cake*

It's funny to watch someone's expression after opening this to see bats fly out at them. The treats are as fun as they are delectable. It makes a great decoration for Halloween. The enchanted Halloween spell book have six delicious flavors:
  • Lemon Boo-berry 
  • Double Double Chocolate Trouble 
  • Scaredy-Cat Confetti 
  • Vampire Velvet 
  • Spooky S’mores 
  • Shrieking Strawberry
There is a fun, interactive spell book with pages of Halloween Themed passages, flickering lights and haunting music. The bats can be re twisted so you can prank someone else again. 

Spend Halloween with the ones that I love

Princess Penelope
I will be spending Halloween with my special black cat, Princess Penelope,  and my husband and family. We are having a small get together and enjoying fun Halloween movies. What movies will you be watching or have watched for Halloween? 

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