Galentines day and Valentines Day 2022 gift guide

Galentine’s Day and Valentine’s Day

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I hope that you are enjoying your beginning of the week. I have been a month into my semester and it has been the busiest. I have started my internship and I am getting so much hands on experience. Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and today is the Super Bowl! I have complied a list of things you can use for Valentine’s Day, girls night or a date night. 

Love Cork Screw Wine*

Make sure that you are stocked in your favorite wines for anytime that you have a girl’s night. The best way is to get your wine sent to you in  a monthly subscription. 

Lavley Valentine’s Day Theme socks*

I adore these socks! They are cute and I have been wearing the holiday theme socks. I was gifted a Christmas and now a Valentine’s Day themed socks! 

Whirly board Agility trainer and balancing board*

I have been trying this for a couple of days and I am enjoying this. It is hard work and feels weird at first. Keep on going and build your balance. Remember, safety is important! It is best used on carpet and not hardwood floor or concrete. This will be a good exercise to do with your girlfriends!

Devil’s advocate a fragrance by Iggy Azalea*

With notes of ethical amber sandalwood with notes amber and citrus, this fragrance is a great gift for your gal pal. 

Selfcare with Dr. Nigma*

Dr. Nigma’s N•1 Cleanser *

Texture is soft and a foaming texture that is soothing and leaves my skin feeling refreshed! This cleanser is gentle on my delicate skin. This cleanser will help remove dead skin and renew your skin. Shake well before using. 

I have been also using Dr. Nigma beauty in a bottle to boost my hair, skin in nails within. It has 20 powerful ingredients.  

Rinna beauty show stopper lip kit*

The combination of the lip liner, lipstick and lipgloss creates a beautiful combination. The lipstick is a beautiful pigment and the lipgloss adds a gorgeous shine.

Information from site

The new Show Stopper Lip Kit includes the “Notice Me” lip liner (0.2g/0.01 oz) in a natural brown; “Envy Me” lipstick (3.9g/.14oz) a subtle, decadent cocoa; and “Glow Up” lip gloss (4ml/.14 fl. oz) a shimmering gold.  It retails at $45 and is available at

Daisy Cakes - Handmade cakes delivered to your door

 I have tried these and love the texture and the taste of these cakes. You can surprise your loved one throughout the year with these cakes delivered to your door!

I hope you enjoyed my Galentine’s day shopping guide. So many newness coming soon. I have been testing some brands and products for a while and I can’t wait to share with you my experience. Hope you have a happy Valentine’s Day and enjoy you week. As always, thank you for your support!

* Products have been gifted and their blog contains affiliate links. All thoughts are my own!

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