Last minute holiday shopping ideas

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Raise your hand if you are a last minute shopper. It’s such a busy time of the year with work, school, family and all in between. Us last minute holiday shoppers are on final countdown and feel like we won’t be able to make it in time. We feel like we have to sacrifice in order to get the gifts in time. Don’t worry, I am here to help you find creative ways to make it when you are a last minute shopper and I will be here for you to help you out next year as well. 

Please join me as I share with you ideas to for last minute Christmas Holiday shopping ideas to help ease your mind. Then , I will share with you great last minute shopping ideas. 

Ideas when you are shopping last minute 

Shopping online and in store, you can still make gift giving special for someone. Ordered your gift early but it still hasn’t arrived as expected? I have an idea to make it special. Below are ideas that will help you think quickly when you are last minute shopping 
  1. Buy online pick up in store - some stores has online exclusive specials that you can utilize if you live next store.
  2. Is the gift not going to arrive on time? Print out a picture of the gift, put it in a gift box with some tissue or shredded paper and wrap them. Tell them you are not going to receive the gift in time but you can bring it to them when it arrives. This is great if you wanted to shop in person.
  3. Do quick one day shipping. The price of one day shipping can be costly unless if the place has a promotion. Please keep in mind the delivery service might have an issue with time as they are busy so go back to idea #2.
  4. Shop local because they need help as well and you will be able to be at the physical store and get the products the same day
  5. Get online e-certificates or gift cards that they can use themselves. They can either shop online or in person 
  6. You can bake something nice for them

Last minute shopping ideas for the food lovers

Get the perfect gifts for the foodie to satisfy their appetite. It could be cooking accessories, food gadgets, or their favorite foods.

The baconer for the bacon lover*

They have so many options for the bacon lover of your life. There are unique gift boxes that you can choose from. There is the bacon lover’s gift box and mega bacon lover’s gift box. You can also throw in the delicious baconer candied seasoning. Not sure what box to offer? Gift cards are offered as well.

Stemple Creek Ranch for the meat lover*

Stemple Creek Ranch, a fourth generation farming company, has the commitment to creating a healthy farming environment that has less environmental impact. Their animals are grass fed.  They A little update, shipping has been halted and will resume December 27th. You can either have the box sent to them and show them what you are sending them or purchase a gift card

There are so many great options that are delicious for the foodie on your mind. Check out the gift options here. 

Food gadgets and food accessories for the food lover

Sustainable gift ideas*

An eco friendly Canadian brand that offers clean ingredients without compromising results. You can gift a one time purchase or a subscription. Offer them a gift that are good for you and the planet. 

Broken Top Brands*

Broken top brands offers a luxury home and spa experience with their bath, body and home products. Their products are sustainable and eco friendly. They offer unique scents from their collection. The products are sourced to be recyclable and renewable. You can purchase their products at Amazon.

Trestique beauty products *

Their products are refillable and made from recyclable packaging. It’s a makeup minimalist dream. The double sided packaging with the brush on the other side allows you to apply your makeup while you are on the go for a quick makeup look. Trestique is “Designed to buy once, save and refill forever. Save the earth and your wallet.” Stop by the Trestique site during their year end sale! 

Closing statement 

Thank you for spending the holiday season with me and allowing me to guide you during the holidays. I have tried something new and created a Chex mix recipe and had to omit the nut ingredients because some people in my family are allergic. Stay tuned for exciting things for New Years where I demonstrate new products that I have been discovering.

This post contains affiliate links. Meaning I will make a small commission if you make a purchase on a link you click here. Also, items marked with an asterisk were gifted for review but all opinions are mine. 

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