Butter London

Natural Goddess 

Hello, beauties! I have perfected the art of swatching colors and also creating graphics. I do love being able to expand my creativity and expand my horizons. There is no photo edits done to the photo,  itself. I have created collages to it and added some props. I am always learning something new everyday about what tools to use for my blog and how I can improve everyday. I am growing with every blog post. 

I bought this palette as an add on from my boxy charm subscription.  They give you a time frame where you can shop products at discounted prices. I bought this Palette for only six dollars.

I have tried this palette and I love it. I never thought that blue and gold would go good together.  The colors together have become synonymous with the word goddess.  

The colors together are very aesthetically pleasing. You can create a beautiful nature like look with it. It has browns for the colors of the inner earth, the green is for nature and the blue reminds me of the sky. They have different hues of brown, peach and gold  that I can add to my color collection. You can carry the palette to different levels as you please to go with your mood, the time of day and your event. The colors go great with any eye colors and it brings out the eyes.  

You can wear the colors individually or bend them together.  They go great together and the colors are so pretty that you can wear just one, two , three or all!


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