Snow Teeth Whitening review: is it worth it?

Snow Teeth Whitening Review*

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Snow teeth whitening kit
Snow Teeth whitening 

Loss of confidence due to stain caused by your love of coffee, tobacco tea and/or soda? Do you want to regain your confidence? Snow Teeth whitening LED device is designed to whiten your teeth in 21 days. 

I wanted to find a whitening system that would be easy to use, pain free and show results. I have seen so many great reviews about the snow teeth whitening system.  I decided to give it a try when I was gifted this product by Snow. 

Why use teeth whitening?

Having a brighter, whiter smile can boost your confidence. A whiter smile makes a difference in your appearance. Your smile is the first impression that someone see. 

A main reason is to do it for yourself. Do you think it will make you feel better? Have you dreamed of a whiter smile?  Self care is an essential step in order to maintain your best self.

My experience with other whiteners 

Prom photo
Found an old photo from prom

I have used the crest white strips back in high school for prom. It gave me quick results, but my teeth were too sensitive. I had to endure pain each time and it activated a sensitive sensation in one area. I finished my treatment and saw the results but the pain was too much. It turned me off to teeth whitening for so long. I was excited when I discovered that the Snow Whitening device can be used by those with sensitivity issues.

What causes my teeth to stain?

There are several factors that can cause your teeth to stain. Smokers tend to have a higher risk of teeth stains. Self care is also important when it comes to your dental health. Failing to regularly brush and floss can cause your teeth to not appear as healthy. Other factors can include the food you eat and what you drink. 

Snow Teeth Whitening Benefits 

  •  Safe for sensitive teeth
  • 5-year warranty to give you a peace of mind
  • Cost-effective vs. in-office treatment. Spend fraction of the cost that you would spend at the dentist. 
  • Free from harsh chemicals and toxic ingredients
  • Portion of the sale is donated to Dental Care for Children 
  • Removes deep stains from tobacco, wine and coffee 
  • Whiten your teeth at the comfort of your home at the fraction of the cost of getting them done professionally 
  • Easy to use
  • Never tested on animals 

Snow Teeth Whitening ingredients 

The active ingredients are hydrogen and carbamide peroxide. The blue LED light is designed to activate the ingredients to work harder. The serum also contains peppermint oil to help make the flavor more desirable.

How to use snow teeth whitening 

This is what I do to make my teeth whitening regimen easier.
  1. I open everything to be ready and take the LED mouth piece out of the box. This allows me to be able to grab and insert the mouth piece immediately after applying the serum. This lowers the risk of the serum rubbing off.
  2. Set your timer on your device between 9-30 minutes to keep from going over time. Don’t start the timer
  3. Brush my teeth to remove and plaque or food that could be a barrier from the whitener
  4. Apply some kind of lip balm to hydrate the lips. Snow has a great balm to use with it.
  5. Apply the serum with the pen. You will have to click the pen a few times to activate the pen when using it for the first time. You will start to see the serum come out after a few clicks. First, rub your finger on the teeth to remove any excess spit so that the serum is close to the teeth. Apply a layer on the teeth similar to the manner you are painting your nails.
  6. Immediately insert the mouth piece and plug the appropriate adapter to your device and start the timer 
  7. Complete any task that you need to complete during this time
  8. Remove the mouth piece, unplug from phone and rinse and dry
  9. Rinse your mouth after removal

What is in the kit?

Snow Teeth whitening LED mouth piece

Snow Teeth whitening with shade guide

  • An led mouth piece with several adaptors to fit several different type of devices 
  • Box and mouth guard to preserve the mouth piece 
  • Two regular strength whitening wands
  • One extra strength whitening wand
  • A shade guide

My experience using Teeth whitening 

How long until you will see results 

The snow teeth whitening will not show immediate results. You will notice a difference in two weeks of consistent use. I captured my journey by taking photos of before I started using the whitener and after my first use so I can see real time results. I captured each use for the first three times and every couple times after the first three times. 

Before using it for the first time 

Snow teeth whitening LED
After using it for the first time 

Teeth whitening device

First time using snow whitening 

The first time was comfortable. There was no discomfort at all. You can plug it in your phone. The LED has many different adapters to fit into any phone. This allows you to easily whiten your teeth and move around easily. I can look at my emails, scroll TikTok and write content comfortably. I felt myself drooling a little bit because I wasn’t used to it but I was able to get comfortable. I did only ten minutes for the first two times.

You will not be able to talk while whitening your teeth. Make sure that you speak your mind before starting the whitening process. My husband wanted to ask me questions right when I put the device in my mouth. He was only allowed to ask me yes or no questions. I was wearing a face mask while using it to help clear my face. I almost lost track of time on my first time so I decided to set a timer to remind myself moving forward.

Snow teeth whitening results
After using it for a second time

Second time using the Snow Whitening kit

I decided to multi task. I set my alarm to remind myself when take it out. It’s easy to multitask while using this product. I was working on a project while I waited for the timer to be finished. I would have lost track of time if I didn’t have the alarm set.

Snow whitening results 

Snow teeth whitening results

Third time after using the Snow Whitening kit

I decided to use the extra strength whitening wand now that I feel more confident in using the whitening kit. I also added more time to twenty minutes. I moved to thirty minutes after a week. 

Snow teeth whitening results

Results after two weeks

After fourteen days of use, I started to see a great difference in my teeth. It was a routine for me. My teeth looked brighter. There were stains that I never thought would ever disappear starting to fade. I have also started to use the whitening kit up to thirty minutes. Other than the initial drooling, I did not experience any discomfort while using this product. 

How much does it cost to get teeth whitened?

Using at-home kits is more cost effective vs. getting them professionally whitened at a dentist. Professional whitening can cost hundreds to thousands. This kit regularly costs $149. There are discounts occasionally on their site. You can save when you use my code LYFESTILEBEAUTY to save 10% on top of any current discounts being offered.

How long does it last?

Each wand lasts one week when applied moderately. It can run out quicker if applied more generously and you might have to buy another wand to finish your 21 day challenge. 

Does Snow Teeth whitening work?

Yes, this has shown results when used consistently. I noticed a small difference after the third use and noticed a more dramatic difference after one week. Two weeks is when the results are more noticeable.

Does teeth whitening damage the enamel?

It’s imperative that you use this as directed and use it for the time that is recommended, 9-30 minutes. Do not exceed the thirty minutes. Snow teeth whitening kit will not damage your teeth if you use it as directed. It can be easy to lose track of time so I set a timer to remind myself to stop treatment on time. 

How often should I whiten my teeth?

It’s best to use once a day for 21 days straight, up to thirty days, to get the results that you desire. Use it for about 9-30 minutes and do not exceed the thirty minutes. 

Can I eat after whitening my teeth?

It’s best to wait an hour or an hour and a half to eat. Also, it’s best to eat light colored foods. I like to use this device before bed so that I don’t have to worry about eating soon after.

How long does the effect last?

It depends on the user lifestyle: what you eat, do you smoke and how you take care of your teeth. Generally, your teeth can stay white for a year to a year and a half. 

What sets Snow Teeth Whitening apart from other whiteners

It’s safer to use and is pain free. It doesn’t cause sensitivity as other whitening agents. It’s also developed by American dentists and formulated with sensitive teeth in mind. The teeth whitening kit is made in the US. 

My final thoughts, verdict and results 

Closeup results

Reminder of the before

This whitener is not an instant gratification as you may receive when going to get them done professionally but Snow is a fraction of the price. That is why it’s worth the wait. Snow teeth whitener gives you a 21 day challenge to see dramatic results. I have seen quicker results with the white strips but these are so much more gentler on my teeth. 

I have seen a great change after two weeks. I felt more confident to smile more. I did not feel I was seeing the results until continuous use after over a week. I was happy that I continued to use these. I noticed a brighter smile after continuously used Snow teeth whitening kit. 

This kit is worth the results with a pain-free experience that is safe for my teeth. I am also happy that I get to whiten my teeth at home at the fraction of the cost of getting them professionally whitened.

The kit I used is $149 on a regular day. They sometimes have discounts. Use my code LYFESTILEBEAUTY to save 10% off of your purchase.

Is it worth it?

Yes, Snow teeth whitening is worth using. 

If you want to whiten your teeth, at the comfort of your own home, without having to worry about the pain, the. I suggest you pick up the Snow Teeth whitening today! Use my code LYFESTILEBEAUTY to save 10% on your purchase at the Snow official site.

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