Different foods that I have been trying

Recipes and foods that I have been loving lately 

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I have been trying different foods and cooking for myself. I have been kind of a routine as well as experimenting with different recipes that I seen on Pinterest and TikTok.

I do love my Starbucks ice cold Brown Sugar shaken oat milk and will treat myself but I have been experimenting on creating a similar but hot drink at home. I have been loving the Cafe Bustelo Cafe con leche flavored K-cup to use with my Keurig. I occasionally even put some whipped cream on top for an occasional treat.

One major thing that I love doing is frothing milk and pouring it on top of my coffee. Sometimes I mix nutmeg, brown sugar and vanilla in the coffee. The first time that I frothed the milk it was perfect. I can’t reach that level of perfection anymore.

Starbucks drink
Starbucks iced brown sugar shaken oat milk 

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My favorite breakfast foods

Breakfast food is my favorite. I like to have a big breakfast to get my busy day started. There are so many different ways I try breakfast.

My favorite eggs recipes 

My favorite breakfast ingredients lately has been eggs. There are so many ways you can makes eggs. I like to mix spinach, mushrooms and tomatoes in the eggs. Sometimes I use other vegetables such as zucchini or squash. I first mix the vegetable on top for a few minutes then I mix the eggs in if I want to create a scrambled style. I set the vegetable aside if I want to create an omelette style eggs. Sometimes I like to make a sandwich with bagels, croissants or biscuits. I would use sausage or bacon when making sandwiches.

Another fun way I like to make the eggs is make them in a muffin pan. I would then mix the veggies and eggs in a cup together and equally disperse them. 

You can make twelve mini muffin shaped eggs and safe the rest throughout the week or even freeze them. Another cute tip is to place some pillsbury flake donuts on the bottom to create an egg/biscuit hybrid.

Everything bagel sandwiches
Everything bagel egg sandwich 

Breakfast Pizza

I have been obsessed with this recipe. I buy the pillBury pizza crust to use for this recipe. I cook my bacon in the Ninja air fry to cook the potatoes and bacon. It creates a perfect crispy texture for both. I grill the vegetables as usual. I cut up the bacon and mix all the ingredients together. I mix in the eggs together with the ingredients. In a separate sauce pan, I create country gravy to use as the sauce while the crust in places in the oven dor five minutes. I take the crust out after five minutes and place the white gravy on the crust as the sauce. I place the egg mix on top and sprinkle my favorite cheese. I feel the cheddar cheese is best with breakfast food. 

Yogurt favorite combination 

I love the honey vanilla Greek yogurt mixed with chia seeds and topped with the kind coconut granola. I mix my favorite fruit with the yogurt. It makes a delicious snack. 

Parfait yogurt

Making my own breads

I have been trying to cook my own food such as tortillas, bread and biscuits. I have not tried bread yet but I recently tried the biscuits and tortillas. The tortillas was good but they were breaking easily when I tried to roll them up for making taquitos. I made them with store brought tortillas and they turned out delicious. I made them with check and steak and it was delicious when using the store bough. I did a gentle fold and crisped the tortillas with the meat to make a taco to prevent the breaking of the tortilla. It was still good. 

I have tried this delicious combination of cream cheese, brown sugar and small dash of vanilla. It tastes like a delicious cheesecake and makes a delicious spread.

Brightly for keeping the food fresher and live a sustainable lifestyle *

The brightly has been a lifesaver to keep the food fresh. It helps me keep the food organized and last longer. The reusable sealable bags, stasher, to store the food and use for easy on the go. 

The silicone food containers from brightly helps me store leftovers. They come in different sizes and make it easy for cleaning. I love how they come in different sizes for to range from a large amount of leftovers to small sides. It’s easy to compact and save space. 

I love how the reusable bowl covers save on plastic and waste. I never have to worry about buying plastic covers or foil. The design is cute and the fabric is reversible. It comes in three different sizes and an adjustable cord. It’s easy to wash and you can wipe or wash. 

Brightly sustainable

Brightly food storage

Sustainable lifestyle with brightly

I love a brand that helps you save food and the planet. Brightly has different items to help with your lifestyle. 


I hope that you enjoy my recent recipes that I have been trying. More to come in the blog. What recipes are you excited to try? Have you tried anything new?

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