Summer essentials 2022: What’s in my bag summer edition

Summer Beauty essentials and fashion Essentials 

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The sun is brighter and the days are warmer. It’s the perfect day for the beach and outdoor weather. I curated a list of products that will help me with my Everyday summer activities to protect from the weather and environment. These products have been tested through the summer heat and provided great results for me.

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Haircare essentials for the Summer

What kind of hair do you get during the summer? I get frizzy, dry hair that needs to be tamed. What causes summer hair? The weather such as wind, humidity and sunscreen that can get into the hair. As a beach lover, the breeze and sand can also cause wild, summer hair. There are a few products that I used to repair and nourish my hair. These summer essentials are must haves for my summer Haircare. 

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Amika Haircare collection review
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Amika is a top brand for me! I love their products. Being an ambassador gives me the opportunity to try the products and share my honest experience with you! In addition, I have a code that allows you to save when you use the coupon code LYFESTILEBEAUTY to shop at

Amika has hair products and hair tools to address every hair type and concern you may have with your hair. I love this brand because they are inclusive and has affordable pricing. 

Some of my favorites for pick me ups are the soulfood nourishing hair mask, Amika Perk Up Dry Shampoo and the Amika Kure line. I am also excite to share with you my favorite hair tool: Amika Hair dryer 2.0z

Mane Collection Coconut and Sea butter by Manna Kadar Beauty

Manna Kadar has launched the Mane Haircare line to help address dry, frizzy dull hair that can be caused by the summer weather such as heat and humidity. I have tried the coconut and Shea butter collection. My hair gets so frizzy during the summer weather and I seek Haircare products that will help nourish my hair without leaving an oily residue. Let me tell you that this Haircare line helps tame my frizzes without leaving it feeling oily. There are two lines in the Mane Haircare line. I have been using the Shea butter. It helps take my frizzes all day to help with those summer hair issues. 

The new Mane Hair Care line includes:

Argan Oil & Keratin Hair Serum

Argan Oil & Keratin Hair Conditioner Mask

Argan Oil & Keratin Hair Spray-in Conditioner

Argan Oil & Keratin Hair Moisturizing Conditioner

Argan Oil & Keratin Hair Moisturizing Shampoo

Coconut & Shea Butter Hair Serum*

Coconut & Shea Butter Conditioner Mask*

Coconut & Shea Butter Spray-in Conditioner*

Coconut & Shea Butter Moisturizing Conditioner*

Coconut & Shea Butter Moisturizing Shampoo

I love hair the oils do not cause any heavy oily feeling. The coconut and Shea butter spray-in conditioner is dispersed lightly into my hair just enough to add a touch of hydration and adds in a lightweight conditioner. The leave-in conditioner is great when you need extra nourishment for your hair. You can use as a mask for 3-5 and rinse out in the shower or apply to hair for 15-20 for a deeper nourishment. 

Manna Kadar Mane Haircare Shea and Argan Oil
Manna Kadar Mane Haircare collection 

Manna Kadar Haircare curl and shine conditioner 

Manna Kadar Coconut and Shea butter hair serum
Manna Kadar Hair Serum

Manna Kadar Haircare Mane conditioner
Manna Kadar Mane coconut and Shea butter conditioner 

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July 25th 25% off all Mane Hair Products code: MANE25 


Skincare and skincare devices for glowing skin

Solawave Wand skincare

The SOLAWAVE wand is a tool that I use everyday to help boost my skincare routine. I have reviewed this product when I first tried it and fell in love with the glow. I have also reviewed this several times in my blog as well. This is a great booster to help your skincare penetrate better into the skin. It also helps boosts radiance, boost collagen and helps reduce the appearances of blemishes and fine lines. 

Solawave Wand device used code LYFTSTILE15 to save on your purchase 

Kiehl’s Feluric Brew Facial Treatment Essence with Lactic Acid

Kiehl's Since 1851 Ferulic Brew Facial Treatment
Kiehl’s Feluric Brew facial treatment 

Shake it up and give drops is all you need to add a glow to your skin. I love how lightweight this product feels on my face. The smell is strong at first but it doesn’t linger. This antioxidant rich essence provides a healthy summer glow. 

Kiehl's Since 1851 Ferulic Brew Facial Treatment Essence with Lactic Acid Review
Kiehl’s Feluric Brew essence lotion

Glow Recipe Watermelon Niacinamide Dew drops

Glow Recipe Watermelon Dew Drops is a skincare summer essential that is used for many purposes: lightweight moisture, foundation primer and a natural highlighter for a dewy glow. This is a perfect lightweight serum that soothes and refreshes the skin. The smell is lightweight but smells amazing. My makeup applies better, my skin feels better and my skin is glowing. This versatile product can be use as a primer, hydrator and a highlighter for a natural dewy glow. The dew drops can be mixed with a cream or liquid highlighter to create a dewy glow. For a liquid blush, mix the highlighter and drops on the top of the hands. For a creamy highlighter, apply on the top of the hands, pick up with highlighter stick or mix together. Apply to the apply of the cheeks.

Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops Review
Watermelon Glow Niacinamide Dew Drops

Glow Recipe Pore tightening toner

Watermelon Glow PHA BHA Pore Tight Toner review
Watermelon Pore-tight toner

The glow recipe toner is formulated to tighten pores, hydrate your skin and prep your skin for the rest of your skincare. This product is lightweight and hydrating. This toner contains BHA’s and PHA’s but the gentle hydrating formula allows for everyday use.

Sunscreen recommendations to protect your skin from the sun

Versed mineral sunscreen review
 Versed guards up daily mineral sunscreen 

Makeup essentials for Summer Beauty

I seek beauty products that are glowing, lightweight and lasts through the summer weather. A light hydration is what I seek in my foundation. 

Summer Beauty essentials makeup


  • Le Metier De Beaute peau vierge anti-aging complexe - lightweight foundation perfect for the summer and easy season. Great by itself or before any foundation for a perfect glow. This foundation is luxury! I am at the end of my second tube. I can never stop talking about this foundation. I have talked about it on my blog post after using it for over a year.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Beautiful Skin - this foundation gives my skin a healthy glow and medium coverage that is buildable and lightweight 
  • Charlotte Tilbury Flawless Filter - This multifunctional complexion product is perfect: primer, foundation or highlighter for a healthy glow. Sometimes I just apply this at the apples of my cheeks for a glow. It blends easily and is very lightweight 
  • Chantecaille future skin cushion skincare foundation - perfect for travel and easy to apply and touch up. Anti-pollution cushion foundation has skincare ingredients that blurs imperfections. This feels lightweight and blends effortlessly. I love that this Chantecaille foundation provides lightweight moisture to my skin and gives it a glowing complexion. 
  • Chantecaille future skin gel hydrating and moisturizing foundation - I use this when I need more coverage but want the same lightweight texture of the future skin cushion compact. This foundation calms irritating with botanicals such as aloe, chamomile and arnica. The texture feels luxurious and lightweight. This Chantecaille foundation naturally covers imperfections providing a flawless coverage. 
Chantecaille Future Skin Cushion Skincare Foundation Review
Chantecaille future skin cushion skincare foundation 

Chantecaille future skin foundation review
Chantecaille future skin and chantecaille cheek gelee 

Cheek products that provide a healthy glow

I seek products that are lightweight, sheer with a touch of glow. I choose easy, minimal makeup products. 

Lips products that are great for the summer

  • Rinna Beauty The Delilah lip kit* - the soft pink shade is lightweight and perfect for the summer. A color that is a beautiful natural pink color and the lip liner enhances the color. 
  • Cle de Peau Beaute Lip Glorifier in Red - a favorite product of mine. This is by my sink of top lipsticks and a part of my constant rotation. The lip Glorifier is hydrating and have a soft flush of color. I talk about this lip product constantly in my blog and social media. I love that this product gives me an instant glow. This is perfect when you want a hint of color that hydrates. My lips feel softer , smoother and glowing. The lip glorifier comes in three shades: pink, red and Coral. 
  • Lawless Beauty Forget the Filler - I love this product. I want to collect every shade. It smooths the texture of my lips and provides an instant plump on my lips. The colors are sheer and instantly enhances my lips. 
  • Armani Beauty Long Wearing Satin Lip Power in shade intimate* - this lipstick is intensely hydrating and lasts a long time. The shine is beautiful and it’s a beautiful nude color that looks natural. The shape of the lipstick makes for easy lining on the lips. It feels comfortable on my lips without any drying.

Eyes essentials for the summer

  • Le Metier de Beaute eye brightening powder - a newer product added to my Le Metier de Beaute collection. This brand never ceases to amaze me. I love every product that I try. The texture of this powder is amazing. It instantly creates a texture that is soft and silky. My eyes are instantly brighten with a natural touch. I put this on the bridge of my nose for a natural glow in that area.
  • Tom Ford cream and powder duo in Golden Peach - a perfect eye color for a summer bronze. The warm colors are luxurious and beautifully pigmented. The colors together are easy to apply and create a bronze glow look. 
  • Armani Beauty eye tint long lasting liquid eyeshadow* - this is a beautiful rose gold color that add a sheer rose gold color that naturally brightens my eyes and adds a glow.
  • Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Luxury eyeshadow palette quad - I love the pillow talk eyeshadow! This palette is luxurious and shimmers so beautiful. A gorgeous combination of pink and brown to create a beautiful pink chocolate look that shimmers. There has never been a Charlotte Tilbury eyeshadow quad that has disappointed me. 
  • Thrive Causemetics Mascara - create instantly defined lashes with a popular mascara. It defines and lengthen my lashes without the clumping. 

Rinna Beauty lip kit swatches in Delilah 

Rinna Beauty lip kit review
Rinna Beauty Delilah Lip

Rinna Beauty lipstick set
Rinna Beauty lipstick swatches

Rinna beauty lip product
Rinna Beauty Lip Kit

Giorgio Armani Beauty Long lasting Satin Lip Power

Giorgio Armani Beauty lipstick review
Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Power in Intimate 

Cle de Peau Beaute lip Glorifier 

Cle de Peau Lip Glorifier
Cle de Peau Lip Glorifier 
Mentioned in my Cleve Peau blog review 

Merit Beauty flush balm cream blush and Merit Beauty Day Dewy Highlighter Balm

Merit beuty beauty minimalist makeup
Merit beauty flush balm in raspberry beret 

Merit beauty minimalist makeup
Merit beauty collection 

Summer luxurious beauty
Summer beauty essentials 2022

Fashion for the Summer Season 

During the summer season, I seek fashion that is lightweight and stylish. I am looking for something that feels comfortable and allows me to move around the summer season. 

Constant sol Sienna Duster
Constant Sol Sienna Duster and Veronica M Eleanor Polka Dot Halter

Constant cowboy la Sirena robe
Constant cowboy La Sirena Robe

Woops! Eat something sweet and Colorful 

This colorful treats will add color to your summer fun. You can eat them alone, give them as a gift or they make the perfect treat for a summer party. So many great flavors for any occasion. These eye catching treats are guaranteed to add festivity to any occasion. Shop now to add these treats to any occasion!

Woops! Gift boxes
Woops! Macaroons 

Woops! Gift treats
Woops! Treats

Woops! macaroons

Woops! Macaroons treats


I hope that you enjoy my breakdown of beauty products. I am always updating on Instagram. Follow me for updates and beauty advice. I enjoy using these products and I hope that you enjoy them as much as I do. Has there been a product that you have been loving lately? 

** This blog contains affiliate links. Making a purchase through this link will give me commission. Products with an asterisk was PR but all reviews are my own. 

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