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Lawless Beauty Makeup Reviews

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Lawless Beauty Eyeshadow and blush

Summer weather is here and officially starts June 20th. Texas has been getting rainy weather lately with wind that feels wonderful! There are also sunny days where it's dry enough to walk the trails of the park. 

Lawless beauty is a clean beauty brand by Annie Lawless. It's free of toxic ingredients that could harm your skin. The colors are pigmented and they last all day. I wanted to introduce you to three products that I have been testing from Lawless beauty:
Lawless beauty's price point that is affordable. I love that their makeup lasts all day, has  full coverage and is high in pigmentation. 

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Lawless Desert Rose Blush and Champagne Dreams Bioglitter Biodegradable Glitter Eyeshadow Swatches

Lawless Beauty Blush and Eyeshadow swatches

Lawless Beauty makeup colors are high in pigmentation and they last all day long. This was on layer of the eyeshadow and one layer of the blush and the color swatches pop. This makeup swatches really beautifully. 

Lawless Beauty Desert Rose Blush

The lawless beauty velvet blush is the first thing that caught my eyes. The colors look so bright and the packaging is beautiful. It comes in a slick black case and reveals beautifully pigmented colors with the brand's name "Lawless" on the product. It comes in seven colors:
  • Five matte shades: Vintage love (neutral pink with a plummy base) , Indian Summer (medium tawny rose), Desert Rose (dusty rose pink with a hint of coral), Angel Suede (soft peach) and soft Nectar (fresh pinky coral)
  • Two Shimmer Shades: Phoenix (warm burnished apricot), Sakura (light pink-coral) 
*undertone descriptions are from

I could tell the color would show up when I first saw this blush. I have issues with blushes showing up the right amount and staying on all day. It blends easily on my cheeks. I love to use this as a definer on my cheeks. It is perfect if you want to use to give your cheeks a lifted or a full look. It's versatile to create different looks. The color resists fading. That was an issue I had with blushes. 

Lawless Desert Rose

The texture is smooth on my skin. It applies smoothly and has skin "superfood" ingredients such as Shea butter, Squalane and Sweet Almond oil that is rich in vitamin D, E and minerals to help soothe the skin. 

I own the Desert Rose but I want to add all seven blushes to my collection!

Bioglitter Biodegradable Glitter Eyeshadow in Champagne Dreams

Lawless beauty makeup luxury

The first thing that attracted me to this eyeshadow is the fact that it has a high level of shimmer. I have always been a fan of makeup the shimmers and glows. I read that the pigmentation is high and that is something that I was looking for as both as an eyeshadow to wear alone and as a high pigmentation lid color. 

The glitter is 99.6% biodegradable and the formula is clean, vegan and cruelty free as well as 65% natural. 

The Color Pigmentation is high but it's easy to blend out if you want to naturalize the color more. What I noticed about this color is that it is packed. I have taken some color and it has amazed me how it still looks like that it hasn't been used or seem like any formula is missing. I thought this would be an loose eyeshadow but it's packed. This eyeshadow is going to last a long time. 

It has minimal fallout and lasts all day. It gives a soft luminescent sparkle that gives the eyes an extra pop. You can create a neutral and bold look with the eyeshadows. I use water or a setting spray to create an extra pop to the color. Another tip is to apply with your finger to get more pigmentation in your eyeshadow. 

The packaging is made of cardboard which keeps the lid from staying on secure if you were to carry it with you. I would not advise you to take this for travel but keep it at home to prevent any issues with damaging the packaging. Also featured here

Lawless beauty blush makeup

Forget The Filler Lip Plumper Line Smoothing Gloss 

Forget the filler lip enhancer

Forget the filler lip gloss is so popular that it was out of stock. It was out from the Lawless Beauty website so I ordered from Sephora. It is back in stock where you can buy it from their website. It also came up with two new colors: Daisy Pink and Velvet. The original color is called Rose. The original color was a sheer Rosy pink while the two new colors has more pigmentation.

What I love about this is the instant benefits that you feel. I can feel that my lips look more fuller and the texture is smoother. I love that glossy feeling that it has. It's not the sticky kind of feeling. It's long term benefits is that it will smooth your lines and make them less visible. 


Highlighted Ingredients:
- MAXI-LIP™: Clinically shown to visibly increase lip volume by 40 percent and decrease the look of wrinkles by 29 percent.
- Shea Butter: Hydrates and soothes the lips.
- Rosehip Oil: Makes lips feel pillowy soft.

Another thing that differentiates this plumper from the other plumpers such as Too Faced and Buxom (which I love) is that it has a more subtle tingly feeling while the others are more intense. It has more of a cooling minty feeling. You will love this one if you don't like the intense feeling. You will love this one even if you like the way the intense tingly feeling for the hydration factor that the Lawless beauty forget the filler has. 

The doe applicator is a perfect size for the shape of the lips. The doe is a big size so the vial has to be big. It looks like there isn't enough product in the vial because they have to make the vial big for the doe to fit inside. 

I love how Lawless Beauty Forget the Filler provides instant relief that softens my lips and delivers an instant plump to my lips. Also reviewed here
Lawless beauty clean makeup review
Clean makeup review 

Lawless beauty clean makeup
Lawless beauty blush 

Lawless beauty blush swatches
Lawless Beauty Blush makeup swatches

Lawless Beauty makeup review
Lawless Beauty blush review

Lawless Beauty has been featured in my Sephora 2023 picks

I hope you like the reviews of Lawless Beauty. I have tried three of their products for a while before sharing with you my honest review. This post doesn't contain affiliate links and I purchased the products with my own money. I like to share my positive experience I have with makeup and I am glad that I am able to share with you a new brand that I love! More Lawless beauty will be on this blog!

More to come with a skincare regiment I have been trying and fashion and makeup reviews as well! Thank you for visiting

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