Travel escapades

Happy Sundays! I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend. I am starting this blog to ask you where is your favorite local place? I have a couple of places I like to go and meditate. I love the parks and to venture out into the cities. I haven’t been out too much. I have been to Arizona and Spain. I will have to find some photos from my time in Spain!

This week is going to be a busy week! I will be showing you my makeup look from my drugstore purchases. I usual show luxury makeup brands but this week I am going to try something new because I want to expand my blog. 

I will also be starting school this week. It will all be online classes to be safe. I am excited about that because I am going for something I am passionate about. I already have a degree but I have grown and learned more about what I am passionate about. 

Without further are some photos from some escapades from the past!

Past travels 

First, let me say that these are the places I have been in the past! I miss the days of travels. I can’t wait to venture out to local destinations such as Houston and Galveston again. I am a Texas girl at heart and have lived there. I haven’t been to many places out of Texas except for Spain and Arizona. 


Houston Museum of Natural Science


I remember this day! I was being spontaneous and was walking through memorial Herman Park in Houston! It’s an amazing park with so many amazing things to see such as gardens, trails and even sports! I walked through the park and went on google map to see what was near by. It was this museum on google maps and I could get half off tickets if I purchase through google maps. So I made the purchase and I was so excited to discover the Museum! I like to be spontaneous and go somewhere random nearby on google maps.

I hope you enjoyed a few photos of some of my local and one out of state travels!

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